Further Note

……….The introduction on the previous page Was actually written after first reading the “Al Jilwah” but prior to the writing of “The Kitab AL-AWAKA”.  There-fore, the description of what the book con’tains is not wholly accurate.

……….I had in’tended to merely take what Was of value and re-wORd what needed to-Be in-ORder-to “Do It Justice”.  What in’stead happened Was the full in’vocation – un-In’tentionally – of “Melek Taus”, Whom I had not previously had any Con’scious Con’tact with.

……….The Chapters of “The Kitab AL-AWAKA” poured out of Me with no In’tellectual Effort or Reason.  The wORds came out of Me from an “Other Place”.  And months later, after many further readings, I Know that Mine IS Truly A Divine In’Spiration.  I can not say the same for The “AL Jilwah” and have Been told other-Wise by Melek Taus.

……….Nothing has Been changed from the “Al Jilwah” in this publication.  This IS to show that which IS plainly ab’surd and Be’cause it IS not a Divine wORk.  A historical piece with value, for sure…  But not what many people claim it to-Be.

……….The only thing that has Been changed about any other portions of this wORk Was to put it into The Cipher of that which Was re’vealed to Me (after this writing) as The Lu-Cipher and according to The Rules and Systems of ORa[c]tion “The Language Of Light”.