Following is:

……….First – The common English trans’lation of The AL Jilwah, as al’ready published in numerous places and books – but only re-published here, so-as to save One from having to read through the non-sensical childish rantings of “un-En’Lightened Persons” Who ob’viously have a “political axe to grind” with other re’ligions and sects…  But more importantly, for comparison – if You choose.

……….Second – My rend’ition of the same, or similar ideas (which Are actually of value), the ex’clusion of those which make-no-sense, or have no value, and the addition (only when necessary) of any con’tradictory or other ideas.  I call it “The Kitab AL-AWAKA – The Book Of Rainbow Emanations (Further Conversations With Melek Taus)”