……….If One were to do a bit of research on “Satanism”.  First-of-all, it Will Be noticed that, Those Who write on the subject, and call themselves, “Satanists”, Are usually terrible writers and have a very peculiar per’ception of Their own “Reality”.  They usually condemn the Judeo/Christian re’igions and say that, “Satanism has nothing to do with them”…  How-ever, any more in-depth study of the writings of Those Who approach the topic sub’jectively Will show that this IS in-no-way true.  “Satanism” and the Judeo / Christian re’ligions Are in’tricately and in’separably linked.

……….That-Be’ing-said, Their version of “Reality” IS Their Own, and They can do and Be’lieve what They choose.  E’specially Be’cause these people Are generally harm-less, no matter how much They claim to be in-touch-with such “Dark” and “Sinister” fORces.

……….But this IS one area in-which They err.  This IS, according to My com’prehension of what They Are claiming.  First, that “Satan” and “Lucifer” Are the same Ent-ity, and that, though “Lucifer” IS Known as, “The Bringer of Light”, and “The Bright and Morning Star” – that He IS also, “The Master Of Dark-ness” and all things “Black” and “Infernal”…  Hmmm.

……….No matter what shade of “Darkness” They seem to-Be (Be’cause there Are as many different types of Satanists and Luciferians as there Are different sects of Christianity, and They All seem to bicker about Each-Other just as-much-as Their Christian Enemies / Brothers do about Their different sects) – one book which seems to be central to Them All IS that which is known as, the “AL Jilwah”.

……….This very short book Was supposedly written by Satan him’self, or Lucifer, or “Shaitan”, or the Entity “Melek Taus” – as He Was apparently called by The Yezidi of modern-day Iraq and probably other surrounding areas as well, who apparently worship “The Devil” – (this information given not by The Yezidi, but by Those who oppose, oppress, torture, and murder them).  And this poses another problem, Be’cause that Ent-ity (The “Devil”) IS also thought by some to Be a different Ent-ity as well.  (Though The Christians would say that All of Them, AND many different Demons and ancient Gods Are All “The Devil”…  But this IS really not important.

……….What IS important IS that “The AL Jilwah”, though con’taining some gems of Truth, IS terrible writing, and IS filled with childish ranting about The People of different re’ligions, which – if actually written by Satan (or whom-ever) would not be there.  “He” would not be con’cerned with such trivialities and “Human” issues.  Es’pecially if “He” IS even half of the things that the Satanists claim that “He” IS.

……….Either this “Book” Was a terrible translation, mixed with (as always the case) the opinions of the translator.  Or this IS a cheap imitation of the writing style (poorly executed) of the religious texts of All the Judeo / Christian (better re’ferred to as “Abrahamic” as this also includes the Islamic Sects as well.  But Satanists Are not usually very thorough in their research.)  Most likely, The “AL Jilwah” is NOT a divinely inspired piece of writing but Was written by someone, either of The Yezidi, or Who had close connections to them, and simply recorded the stories that The Yezidi told.  Someone Who did not have a very good grasp on wORds, and had no Divine Com’prehension of or Con’versation with Melek Taus, or any of the other Entities if They truly Are separate.  It is clear that the opinions of every person that the wORds came through were “colored” by Their thoughts and opinions, and Are not “written by Satan Him’Self”.

……….And finally – the main problem with this book IS that it IS re’ferred-to-as “The Black Book Of Satan”.  I did not have very much luck finding a translation of “AL Jilwah” – My favorite on-line translator said that it Was “The Height”.  How-ever, according to a web-site about The Yezidi, it means “Book Of Re’velation”.  Once again, this does not matter.  What does matter IS taking what IS of value if anything, and dis’carding the rest.  To Alchemically “Burn The Dross” from the sub-stance until there IS no thing left but “The Pure Gold”…  Meta-phorically speaking.