Chapter III

………..It has Been written Be’fore…  And such IS as True Now as it ever has Been…

“…I lead to The Straight Path without a Re’vealed Book…”

………..“The Book Of Life”, as It has often Been called, IS yet an Other Name for ALL.  And there-fore, in This New Aeon, This “Book” IS ALL There IS.

………..The Scripture of Yester-Year IS written on Every Pinnacle Of Light which makes-up The Spectrum of ALL that One Sees with His RE-AL Eyes.  ALL that One Hears with His Ears, which, by-Now, must be Ringing with The Frequencies Which Are Now and Al’ways Have Been Open…


The Book IS ALL-Around

What have Been called “Scriptures” do-not con’tain The Secret.  The Secret con’tains The Scriptures…  Re-Verse The Pro’cess…

“All Rights Are NOT Re’served”

“ALL Rites Are Thus Reversed!!!”

Then, and only Then, Will One See The Re’sults that The Adolescent MIND has Been striving for, blindly, for So Many Aeons al’ready…

All Ready?

The glasses – which You do-NOT Need – but have Been searching for…
for thousands of Years, Are…


(Yet an Other Riddle To-Be Sure)


The Answer You Seek IS The Question You Have Not-Asked


………..It Was also stated Be’fore, by One Who did-not Com’prehend, and re’peated again and again, by Those Who thought to-Be His Friends that:

“…I direct a’right My Be’Loved and Chosen Ones by un-Seen Means.  All My Teachings Are easily applicable to All Times and All Con’ditions.  I punish in an’other WORld All Who do con’trary to My WILL…”

………..If One heeds the Simple Suggestion, to Re-Verse The Process and Seek The Question…  (not The Answer)…  Then It Will Be Seen.

………..There IS no “Punish-ment” for not following some “Rules” which Are Stated in some book – which apparently does not Ex’IS’t (which actually It doesn’t…  meaning it IS not “Ex-IS”.)

………..“Punish-ment” IS The Child-MIND Con’clusion for when He does-not Com’prehend that The Reason that He can-not drink The Bright Green Liquid, that looks so de’licious, IS-Not Be’cause He did some’thing “Wrong”…  It IS Be’cause it IS nothing but POISON!!!  And this IS an Ex’ample of the terrible Ideology, that…  “I Punish You Be’cause I Love You”

………..The MAN Who has Come-To-BE, can clearly See, that what Was once re’garded as “Punish-ment” IS merely The End-Re’sult for not SEE-ing and Heeding The “Laws” which Are written Every-Where.

………..There have Been many Cul’tures – Most Long-Since-Gone, but re’turning again in Every Land – Who re’ferred to These Things as “Signs” and “Wonders”.  And The “Wonder” IS how The Sign can-Be something as simple as a red octagon with a sigil in the form of the words “STOP”.

………..Heed The Sign and You May-Be “Saved”.  Dis-Regard The Sign and You May-Be Punished.

………..“Punished” by The Crushing Blow of “GOD’s Wrath” in-the-fORm-of A Roaring Metal Dragon – in’tent on It’s Path – with Eighteen Black Spinning Wheels for Wings, and A Terrible Voice like A Blasting Horn that Thunders just Be’fore It Strikes.

………..But This Dragon does-not Breathe Fire or con’sume His Victim.  In’stead He pre’fers To Smash and Crush – To Spill The Blood of Those Broken Be’fore Him – Drenching The Hard Flat Stone Ground Be’fore making A Screeching and Howling Sound from The Digging of His Wings into The Ground – leaving Stinking Black Marks like Scratches on The Face of The Stone – Marks that stink of The Smell Of Burning Coal…  And This Punish-ment IS al’most al’ways…  Fatal.

………..But if One Pays-Attention – Sees The Signs – and Heeds The “Laws” – written in “The Book Of Life”…  That Dragon shall pass-You-by as-if You were in’visible.  No Blasting Voice, no Screeching Scraping Claws Leaving Stinking Black Marks upon The Ground, and no Smashing of Bones and Spilling of Your Blood…

No Punish-ment

(Good Job reading Those Signs!)


………..Such has al’ways Been The Case…  Only, in This New Aeon, The Signs Are Be’coming much more clear.  At least, for Those Who Know where to Look, and know How To Read Them.

………..The Books Are no-longer needed.  The wORds Are Now Written Every-Where…  in The Heart of Every Cell…  In The Structure and Shape of Every Collection of Atoms…  And, In-Fact…  This has al’ways Been.

There IS no-difference Be’tween “This” and “That”


………..The Men of The Re’ligion that has come-to-Be called, “Science”, call this phenomenon, “Fractal” or “Hologram”.  That every piece of The Whole Structure con’tains The Entirety Of The Whole Structure.

Such IS The Nature Of ALL


Search-not for The Answer


The Answer


The Question

There IS no Thing left To Do