………….It will Be noticed that The Western Scientific Theories re’garding The Breath con’fine them’selves to the effects of the absorption of Oxygen, and it’s use through The Circulatory System – while The Yogi Theory also takes-into-con’sideration the absorption of Prana, and It’s manifestation through the channels of The Nervous-System.  Be’fore pro’ceeding further, it may Be well to take a quick glance at The Nervous-System.

………….The Nervous-System of Man IS divided into two great systems.  Namely, “The Cerebro-Spinal System”, and “The Sympathetic System”.  The Cerebro-Spinal System con’sists-of All the parts of The Nervous-System con’tained with-in The Cranial Cavity and The Spinal Canal – these Be’ing, The Brain and The Spinal CORd – to’gether with The Nerves which branch-off from the same.  This system pre’sides-over the functions of Animal-Life Known-as:  “Volition”, “Sensation”, etc..  The Sympathetic System in’cludes All the Parts of The Nervous-System located, principally, in The Thoracic, Abdominal and Pelvic Cavities – which Are dis’tributed to The Internal ORgans.  It has con’trol over The Involuntary pro’cesses, such-as:  “Growth”, “Nutrition”, etc..

………….The Cerebro-Spinal System attends to All the:  “Seeing”, “Hearing”, “Tasting”, “Smelling”, “Feeling”, etc..  It sets-things-in-motion.  It IS used by The Ego to Think…  To Manifest Con’sciousness.  It IS the instrument with-which The Ego communicates with “The Out-Side World”.  This System may Be likened to a “Telephone System”, with The Brain as “The Central Office”, and The Spinal Column and Nerves as “Cables” and “Wires” re’spectively.

………….The Brain IS a great mass of Nerve Tissue, and con’sists of three parts.  Namely, “The Cerebrum” (or “Brain” pro’per), which occupies the Upper, Front, Middle and Back portion of The Skull – “The Cerebellum” (or “Little Brain”) which fills the Lower and Back portion of The Skull – and “The Medulla Oblongata”, which IS the broadened commence-ment of The Spinal CORd, lying Be’fORe and in-Front-of The Cerebellum.

………….The Cerebrum IS the ORgan of that part of The MIND which manifests It’s Self in “Intellectual Action”.  The Cerebellum re’gulates the movements of The Voluntary Muscles.  The Medulla Oblongata IS the Upper en’larged end of The Spinal CORd.  From It and the Cerebrum, branch-forth The Cranial Nerves which reach to various parts of The Head, the Sensory ORgans, some of The Thoracic and Abdominal ORgans, and to The ORgans Of Respiration.

………….The Spinal CORd, and Spinal Marrow, fill The Spinal Canal in The Vertebral Column (or “Back-Bone”).  It IS a long mass of Nerve Tissue, branching-off at the several Vertebrae, to Nerves communicating with All Parts of The Body.  The Spinal CORd IS like a large “Telephone Cable”, and the e’merging Nerves Are like the private “Wires” connecting there-with.

………….The Sympathetic Nervous-System con’sists-of a double-chain of Ganglia on the side of The Spinal Column, and scattered Ganglia in The Head, Neck, Chest and Abdomen.  (A “Ganglion” IS a mass of Nervous Matter in’cluding Nerve Cells.)  These Ganglia Are connected with each-other by fila’ments, and Are also connected with The Cerebro-Spinal System by Motor and Sensory Nerves.  From these Ganglia, numerous fibres branch-out to The ORgans of The Body, Blood Vessels, etc..  At various points, The Nerves meet-to’gether and fORm what Are Known-as, “Plexuses”.  The Sympathetic System practically con’trols The Involuntary pro’cesses, such as:  “Circulation”, “Respiration” and “Digestion”.

………….The Power or fORce trans’mitted from The Brain to All Parts of The Body by-means-of The Nerves, IS Known to Western Science as “Nerve FORce” – al’though The Yogi Knows It to-be a manifestation of Prana.  In character and rapidity, It re’sembles The Electric Current.  It WILL Be seen that, sans this “Nerve FORce”, The Heart can-not beat – The Blood can-not circulate – The Lungs can-not Breathe – the various ORgans can-not function.  In-fact, the machinery of The Body, in’cluding The Brain, comes to a stop when It IS not-pre’sent.  When these facts Are con’sidered, the im’pORtance of the absorption of Prana must Be evident to ALL, and The Science Of Breath assumes an im’pORtance, even-greater-than that accORded It by Western Science.

………….The Yogi Teachings go further than does Western Science, in one im’pORtant feature of The Nervous-System.  We allude to what Western Science terms, “The Solar Plexus”, and which It con’siders as merely one of a series of certain matted “Nets” of Sympathetic Nerves – with their Ganglia found in various Parts of The Body.  Yogi Science teaches that this “Solar Plexus” IS really a most-im’pORtant part of The Nervous-System – and that It IS a fORm of “Brain”, playing one of the principal parts in The Human Economy.  Western Science seems to-Be moving, gradually, to’wards a re-cognition of this fact, which has Been Known to The Yogis of The East for centuries.  Some Recent Western Writers have termed The Solar Plexus as, “The Abdominal Brain”.  The Solar Plexus IS located in the where each side of the rib-cage meets – just Be’low the nipples in the center of the abdomen.  It IS com’posed-of White and Grey Brain Matter – similar to that composing the other Brains of Man.

………….It has-con’trol-of the main Internal ORgans of Man, and plays a much-mORe im’pORtant part than IS generally re-cognized.  We shall-not go into The Yogi Theory re’garding The Solar Plexus, further than to say that They Know it as, “The Great Central Storehouse Of Prana”.  Men have Been Known-to-Be in’stantly killed by a severe blow to the region of The Solar Plexus.  Prize-fighters re-cognize it’s vulnerability – and, frequently, WILL temporarily paralyze Their opponents by a blow in this region.

………….The name “Solar” IS well-Be’stowed on this “Brain”, as It radiates Strength and Energy to All parts of The Body – even The Upper Brains de’pending, largely, upon It as a store-house of Prana.  Sooner-or-later, Western Science shall fully-re-cognize the real function of The Solar Plexus – and shall accORd to It a far-mOre im’pORtant place than it, now, occupies in Their books and teachings.