………….The Yogi Philo-Sophy com’prises The Teachings which have come-down, through The Centuries Of Thought, In’vest’igation, Ex-per-I-ment, and Demon-stra’tion – on-the-part-of The Ad’vanced MINDs of The Yogi Masters of India, Chaldea, Persia, Egypt, and Ancient Greece – down-to The Pre-Sent Time – from Master to Student – Guru to Chela.  It Is The Oldest Philo-Sophy in The WORld – al’though, to The Western WORld, It comes as a “New Message” – a Message from The East.


………….There have Been, in All Ages, certain Highly de’veloped, Advanced and Ex’Alted Souls – In-The-Flesh – Known-as The Yogi Masters and A’depts.  Al’though many of The Tales told, con’cerning Them, Are myth or Pure Fiction – originating in The MINDs of some modern sens’ation-AL Writers.  The Master Yogis have passed from Lower to Higher Planes of con’scious-ness.  Thus, gaining Wis’dom, Power, and Qual’I-ties that seem, al’most Mir’a’cul-ous to The Man Of The OR’din’ary Con’scious-ness.  A Hindu Writer, speaking of Them, has said:  “To Him Who Hath Travelled Far A’long The Path, Sorrow Ceases To Trouble – Fetters Cease To Bind – Ob’stacles Cease To Hinder…  Such A One IS FREE…  For Him, There IS No-mORe Trouble Or Sorrow.  For Him, There Are No mORe un-Con’scious re-Births.  His Old Karma IS Ex’hausted, And He Creates No New Karma…  His He’art IS FREE’d From The de’Sire For Future Life… No New Longings a’Rise with-in His Soul…  He IS Like A Lamp Which Burn’eth From The Oil Of The Spirit, And Not From The Oil Of The Outer-WORld.  The Master Yogis Are able to pass-through Material Ob’stacles, Walls, Ramparts, etc. – He IS able-to throw His Phantasm-AL Appear-ance in many places at-once.  He acquires The Power of Hearing The Sounds Of The un-Seen WORld – as-distinctly-as those-of The Phenomen-AL WORld…  Much mORe distinctly in-point-of-fact.  Also, by His Power, He IS able-to read The Most Secret Thoughts of Others, and to Tell Their Characters”…  Such Are The Yogi Masters.


………….The Western Student IS apt to-Be some-what con-fused in His Ideas re’garding The Yogis, and Their Philo-Sophy and Practice.  Travellers to India have written great tales a’bout The Hordes of Fakirs, Mendicants, and Mountebanks Who in’fest the great roads of India – and the streets of it’s cities.  Who im’pudently claim the title of, “Yogi”.  The Western Student IS scarcely to-Be blamed for think ing of The typical Yogi as an e’maciated, fanatic-AL, Dirty, Ignor-ant Hindu – Who either sits in a fixed-posture until His Body Be’comes oss’ified – or-else holds His Arm up in The Air until it Be’comes stiff and withered – for-ever-after re’maining in that position.  Or, per’haps, clenches His Fist and holds it tight, until His Finger-Nails grow through The Palm of His hands.  That these people ex’ISt IS true.  But, Their claim to the title, “Yogi”, seems as ab’surd to The True Yogi, as-does the claim to the title of, “Doctor”, on-the-part-of The Man Who pares One’s Corns, seem to The Eminent Surgeon – or as-does The Title of, “Professor”, as-assumed-by The Street-Corner Vendor of Worm-Medicine seem to The President of Harvard or Yale.


………….There have Been for ages past in India and other Oriental countries, Yogi Masters Who de’voted Their time and attention to The De’velop-ment of Man, Physically, Mentally and spiritually.  The ex’perience of Generations Of Earnest Seekers has Been handed-down, for centuries, from Teacher to Pupil.  And, gradually, a de’finite Yoga Science was built-up.  To these investigations and Teachings was finally applied the term, “Yogi” – from the Sanskrit wORd “Yug”
meaning “To Join”.


………….Yoga IS divided into several branches.  Ranging from – that which teaches the con’trol of The Body, to that which teaches The Highest Spiritual De’velop-ment.  Men Are of varying temperaments – and the course that will best-suit One, Will not Be a’dapted to the re’quire-ments of an Other.  One Will seek Pro’gress and De’velop-ment in one direction – and an Other, in a different way – and a third, by a still-different course.  The Yogi Philo-Sophy teaches that The Way that seems to appeal, the-most, to a Man’s general temperament and dis’position, IS the one best a’dapted to His use at The Pre’sent Time.  They divide The Path Of Attain-ment into three paths leading up to the great main road.  They call these three paths:

1.  Raja Yoga

2.  Karma Yoga

3.  Gnani Yoga

………….Each of these fORms of Yoga Be’ing a path leading to “The Great Road”.  And, each Be’ing traveled by Those Who may pre’fer It – but All lead to The Same Place.  We Will now give a brief description of each of The Three Paths – which, to’gether, Are Known to The Yogis as “The Three-fold Path.”


………….Each branch of Yoga IS but-a-path leading toward The One End – Un-Fold-Ment – De’Velop-Ment, and Growth.  He Who Wishes, first, to de’velop, Con’trol – and Strengthen His Physical Body – so-as-to render it a fit Instrument Of The Higher Self, follows The Path Of “Hatha Yoga.”

………….He Who Would de’velop His WILL-Power and Mental Faculties – un-fold-ing The Inner Senses, and Latent Powers – follows The Path Of “Raja Yoga”.

………….He Who Wishes to de’velop by “Knowing” – by Studying The Funda’Mental Principles and The Wonderful Truths under-lying Life – follows The Path of “Gnani Yoga”.

………….He Who Wishes to grow into a Un-Ion with The One Life -by The In’Flu-ence of Love – He follows The Path Of “Bhakti Yoga”.

………….But it must-not-Be-supposed that The Student must ally His Self to only a single one of these Paths to Power.  In-fact, very Few do.  The Majority pre’fer to gain a mORe “rounded” Know-ledge, and acquaint Their Selves with The Principles of the several branches, learning from each, giving pre’ference, of course, to those branches that appeal to Them mORe Strongly.  This attraction Be’ing the in’dication of Need, or Re’quire-ment, and, there-fore, Be’ing the “Hand” pointing-out The Path.

………….It IS well for every One to Know some of “Hatha Yoga” – in-ORder-that The Body may Be Pur’ified, Strengthened, and kept in Health…  In-ORder-to Be’come a mORe-fitting instrument of The Higher Self.  It IS well that each One should Know some of “Raja Yoga” – that He may Know & Com’prehend The Training and Con’trol of The MIND – and The Use of The WILL.  It IS well that every One should learn The Wis’dom of “Gnani Yoga” – that He may Re-AL-ise The Wonderful Truths under-lying Life – The Science of Be’ing – The Scientific and Intellect-ual Knowing of The Great Questions re’garding Life, and what lies back-of Life – The Riddle Of The Uni-Verse.  And It Is well that every One should Know some of “Bhakti Yoga” – that He may Know & Com’prehend The Great Teachings re’garding The Love under-lying ALL-Life.

………….The Man, best calculated to make general advance-ment, a’long Occult Lines, Is One Who a’voids running to Ex’tremes in any one of The Branches of The Sub’ject.  But Who – while in the main, following His Own in’clin’ation to’ward certain fORms of “Yoga” – still keeps-up a general acquaintance with The Several Phases Of The Great Philo-Sophy.

………….In The End…  Man must de’velop on All His many Sides…  And why-not keep-in-touch-with All Sides, while We journey a’long.  By following this course, We a’void One-Sided-ness, Fanaticism, Narrow-ness, Short-Sighted-ness, and Bigotry.


………….Our books Are in’tended only-for-Those Who feel an earnest attraction to’wards The Higher Teachings.  They Are for Earnest Students, in’spired by The Highest Motives.  Those For Whom These Teachings Are in’tended Will feel attracted to Them.  If You Feel attracted to’ward These wORks, We Will Be glad to have You Study Them.  If-not We Will feel just as kindly to’ward You, and Will send You our Best Wishes for The Hastening of The Day, when You will-Be Ready for The Ad’vanced Teachings.  The Matter IS One En’tirely for The Guidance of Your Higher Self – let IT de’cide for YOU.  To Those of Whom a glimpse of The Inner-Life Has Been Given – The Yogi Philo-Sophy Will prove to-Be a “Treasury” of “The Rarest Jewels”.  And, each-time He studies It, He Will see New Gems.  To Many, It Will Be The First Revelation, of-that-which They Have-Been All of Their Lives, blindly-seeking.  To many It Will Be The First Bit of “Spiritual Bread” given to satisfy The Hunger of The Soul.  To Many It Will Be “The First Cup Of Water” from “The Spring Of Life”, given to quench The Thirst which has con’sumed Them.  Those for-Whom this teaching Is in’tended Will re-cognise It’s message – and after It, They Will never-Be-the-same as Be’fORe It came to Them.  As The Poet has said, “Where I pass, All My Children Know Me”, and-so Will The Children Of The Light re-cognise The Teaching as…  For Them.

………….As for The Others – We can only say that They Will, in-time, Be ready for This Great Message.  Some Will Be-able-to Comprehend much of The Teaching, from-the-first.  While, Others Will See, but-dimly, even The First Steps.  The Student, how-ever, Will find that – when He has firmly planted His Foot on one of These Steps – He Will find the one, just ahead, Be’coming dimly luminated – so-as-to give Him con’fidence to take the next step.  Let None Be dis’couraged.  The fact that This Teaching attracts You proves that, in-time It Will un-fold It’s meaning to You.  Study it, over-and-over.  Though veil-upon-veil still re’mains be’tween You and That Be’yond – You Will find that – veil-after-veil Will Be lifted.  Peace Be Unto You.


………….We ad’vise in’terested Be’ginners to study, first, Our “Fourteen Lessons In Yogi Philo-Sophy” – which gives a general out-line of The en’tire sub’ject.  The Be’ginner Will also do-well to study “Hatha Yoga” in-ORder-to render His Physical Body – Healthy, and Sound -thus-giving The Spirit a wORthy Temple in-which to Man-I-fest.  “Science Of Breath” may also Be studied, to Their advantage, by Beginners.

………….As The Student pro’ceeds and de’velops in Knowing & Com’prehension, He may take-up the study of “Our Advanced Course” – then “Raja Yoga”, and “Gnani Yoga”, as his interest and de’sires dictate.  Our little manual “Light On The Path” and “Illumined Way” Will fit-in-well at this stage.

………….We will Be glad to furnish in’quirers with ad’vice re’garding the books that They need, if They Will ask Us for the same.  Each Student of this sub’ject, how-ever, finds His Self attracted to the books He needs – this IS The Law.  As The Teachers have written:  “Know, O Disciple, That Those Who Have Passed Through The Silence, and Felt It’s Peace, and Re’tainsed It’s Strength…  They Long that You Shall Pass-Through It Also.  There-fore, In The Hall Of Learning – When He IS Cap’able of Entering There – The Disciple Will Al’ways Find His Master”.  And so, The In’clination to’ward the re’quired book comes in due time.


………….FOURTEEN LESSONS IN YOGI PHILO-SOPHY.  A unique wORk covering the en’tire field of The Yogi Philo-Sophy and Oriental Occultism – stating the most pro’found Truths and Hidden Mysteries in the plainest, simplest, English style.  No Sanskrit terms to puzzle The Reader.

………….HATHA YOGA.  A complete Manual of The Great Oriental Yogi System of Physical Well-Being, Health, Strength, and Vigour.  It preaches a Sane, n’ORmal, Simple Theory of Physical Health, and tells how to put the theory into practice.

………….ADVANCED COURSE IN YOGI PHILO-SOPHY.  This book con’sists of Twelve Lessons, ORiginally issued in monthly parts, treating-upon the mORe advanced branches of Yogi Philo-sophy and Oriental Occultism.

………….RAJA YOGA.  This book IS de’voted to the de’velop-ment of The Latent Powers of Man – The gaining of The Con’trol of The Mental Faculties, by The WILL – The Attain-ment of The Mastery of The Lower Self – The De’velop-ment of The MIND, to-the-end-that, The Soul may Be aided in It’s un-fold-ment.

………….GNANI YOGA. This course gives The Highest Yogi teachings re’garding the Ab’SOLute and It’s Man-I-fe-Stations – The re’lations be’tween The One and The Many – The Secret Of The One Life – The Mystery of The Evolution Of The Soul – The Law Of Spiritual Cause & Effect – The Group Soul – The Birth Of The Ego – The Un-Fold-Ment Of The Self, etc.

………….THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHIC HEALING.  A plain, practical series of Lessons on Mental, Psychic, and Spiritual Healing – in it’s many phases and fORms, with full in’struction and directions re’garding treat-ment, etc..  Very little theory, but much practical in’struction.