………….The Yogis not-only bring a’bout de’sired Mental qualities and pro’perties by WILL-Power, coupled with Rhythmic Breathing, but They also de’velop Spiritual Faculties – or rather, aid in Their un-fold-ment, in the same way.  The Oriental Philosophies teach that Man has many faculties which Are, at-pre’sent, in a dormant state.  But, which Will Be’come un-folded as The Race pro’gresses.  They also teach that Man, by the pro’per effort of The WILL, aided by favourable con’ditions, may aid in the un-fold-ment of these Spiritual Faculties, and de’velop Them much sooner than in the OR’din’ary pro’cess of evol’ution.  In-other-wORds, One may – even-now – de’velop Spiritual Powers of Con’scious-ness – which Will not Be’come The Common Pro’perty of The Race until after long ages of gradual de’velop-ment under The Law Of Evol’ution.  In All of the exercises directed to’ward This End – Rhythmic Breathing plays an im’pORtant part.  There IS, of-course, no mystic pro’perty in The Breath it’self which pro’duces such wonderful re’sults – but the rhythm pro’duced by The Yogi Breath IS such as-to bring The Whole System, in’cluding The Brain, under Per’fect con’trol, and in Per’fect harmony.  And, by this means, the most Per’fect con’dition IS ob’tained for the un-fold-ment of these latent faculties.

………….In this wORk We can-not go deeply , into The Philo-Sophy of The East, re’garding Spiritual De’velop-ment, Be’cause this sub’ject would re’quire volumes to cover it All.  And, then again, the sub’ject IS too ab’struse to in’terest The Average Reader.  There Are also other reasons – well-Known to occultists – why this Know-ledge should-not Be broadcast at this time.  Rest assured, Dear Student, that when the-time-comes for You to Take The Next Step, The Way Will Be Opened To You. “When The chela (Student) IS Ready, The Guru (master) Appears”.

………….In this chapter, We Will give You directions for the de’velop-ment of two phases of Spiritual Con’scious-ness, i.e.,  –  (1) The Con’scious-ness Of The Identity Of The Soul  –  (2) The Con’scious-ness Of The Connection Of The Soul With The Uni-Versal Life.  Both of the exercises given Be’low Are simple, and con’sist of Mental images firmly-held – accompanied by Rhythmic Breathing.  The Student must-not ex’pect too much at The Start, but must “Make Haste Slowly”, and Be con’tent to de’velop as does The Flower – from Seed to Blossom.


………….The Re-AL Self IS not The Body or even The MIND of Man. These things Are, but-a-part of His Per’son’AL-ity – The Lesser-Self.  The Re-AL Self IS The Ego…  (Not in the same sense of the term as Comprehended by Average Man in The day of this editing – i.e. the “Ego” as referred-to in the field of Psychology ~AZ)…  Whose Manifestation IS in in’divid’uality.  The Re-AL Self IS inde’pendent of The Body, which it in’habits, and IS even in’de’pendent of the mechanism of The MIND – which It uses as an instrument.  The Re-AL Self IS a drop from The Divine Ocean, and IS e’ternal and in’de’structible.  It can-not die or Be annihilated. And, no-matter-what Be’comes of The Body, the Re-AL Self still ex’ISts.  IT IS The Soul.  Do not think of Your Soul as a thing a’part from You, for YOU Are The Soul, and The Body IS the un-Re-AL and trans’itory part of YOU which IS changing, in material fORm, every day.  That- which You Will some day dis’card.  You may de’velop the faculties to-Be con’scious of The Re-AL-ity of The Soul, and It’s in’de’pendence of The Body.  The Yogi plan for such de’velop-ment Is by meditation upon the Re-AL Self or Soul – accompanied by Rhythmic Breathing. The following exercise IS the simplest fORm.


………….Place Your Body in a re-laxed, re’clining position. Breathe rhythmically, and meditate upon The Re-AL Self, thinking of Your Self as an ENT-ity, inde’pendent of The Body, al’though in’habiting it and Be’ing able-to leave it at-WILL.  Think of Your Self, not as The Body, but as A Spirit, and of Your body as, but-a-Shell, useful and comfort-able but not A Part of The Re-AL You.  Think of Your Self as an in’de’pendent BE-ing – using The Body, only-as A Con’venience.  While meditating – ignore The Body en’tirely, and You Will find that You Will, often, Be’come – al’most en’tirely – un-con’scious of it.  You Will seem to-Be “Out Of The Body” – to-which You may return when You Are through with the exercise.  This IS the gist of The Yogi meditative breathing methods.  And, if persisted in, Will give One a wonderful sense of The Re-AL-ity of The Soul, Making Him seem al’most in’de’pendent of The Body.  The sense of im’mortality Will often come with this in’creased con’scious-ness, and The Per’son Will Be’gin to show signs of Spiritual de’velop-ment – which Will Be notice-able to His Self and to Others.  But He must not-allow His Self to Live, too-much, in The Upper Re’gions, or to de’spise His Body.  For, He Is here on This Plane for a pur’pose – and He must-not neglect His opportunity to gain the ex’per’I-ences necessary to “Round Him Out”, nor must He fail to re’spect His Body, which Is The Temple Of The Spirit.


………….The Spirit In Man – which Is The Highest Man-I-fe-station of His Soul, Is “A Drop in The Ocean Of Spirit”, apparently separate and dis’tinct – but-yet, really in-touch-with The Ocean-It’s-Self, and with every other Drop in It.  As Man un-folds in Spiritual Con’scious-ness, He Be’comes mORe-and-mORe a’ware of His re’lation to The Universal Spirit, or Universal MIND (as some term It).  He feels, at-times, as-if He were (al’most) in “At-One-Ment) with It.  And, then again, He loses The Sense of Contact and Re’lationship.  The Yogis seek to attain This State Of Uni-Versal Con’scious-ness, by meditation and Rhythmic Breathing.  Many have, thus, attained The Highest De’gree of Spiritual Attain-ment possible to Man, in this stage of His ex’IStence.  The Student of This wORk Will not-need The Higher In’struction re’garding Adept-ship at this time – as He has much to Do and Accomplish Be’fORe He reaches That Stage.  But, It may Be Well to in’itiate Him into the element’ary stages of The Yogi exercises for de’veloping Uni-Versal Con’scious-ness.  And, if He Is in-earnest, He Will dis’cover Means and Methods – where-by He may pro’gress.  The Way Is al’ways Opened to Him Who IS Ready To Tread The Path.  The following exercise Will Be found to do-much to’ward de’veloping The Uni-Versal Con’scious-ness in Those Who faithfully practice it.


………….Place Your Body in a re’clining, re-laxed position.  Breathe rhythmically, and meditate upon Your re’lationship with The Uni-Versal MIND – of-which, You Are, But-An-Atom.  Think of Your Self as Be’ing in-touch-with ALL – and Be’ing in “At-One-Ment” with ALL.  See “ALL” As “ONE” – and Your Soul as A Part of That ONE.  Feel that You Are re’ceiving The Vibrations from The Great Uni-Versal MIND, and Are par’taking of It’s Power and Strength and Wis’dom.  The two following lines of meditation may Be followed.

A.   With each in’halation – think of Your Self as drawing-into Your Self, The Strength and Power of The Uni-Versal MIND.  When ex’haling – think of Your Self as passing-out to Others that same Power, at-the-same time Be’ing filled with Love for every Living Thing – and de’siring that It Be a par’taker of The Same Blessings which You Are, now, re’ceiving. Let The Uni-Versal Power circulate through You.

B.   Place Your MIND in a Reverential State, and meditate-upon The Grandeur of The Uni-Versal MIND.  Open Your Self to the in-flow of The Divine Wis’dom, which Will fill You with Luminating Wis’dom.  Then, let The Same flow-out from You to Your Brothers and Sisters, Whom You Love and would help in any Way You Can.  This exercise leaves, with Those Who Have Practiced It, a new-found sense of Strength, Power, Wis’dom, And a feeling of spiritual Ex’altation and Bliss.  It must-Be practiced only in a Serious, Reverential Mood – and must-not-Be approached lightly.


………….The exercises given in this chapter re’quire the pro’per Mental Attitude and Con’ditions, and The Trifler and Per’son of a non-serious nature – or One Who has no sense of Spirituality and Reverence, had better pass-them-by – as no re’sults Will Be ob’tained by such Per’sons. And Be’sides, a WILLful trifling of Those Things Of A High ORder which shall never benefit Those Who Do-So.  These exercises Are for The Few Who Know & Comprehend Them – and The Others shall Feel no-attraction to them or a de’sire to try them.  During meditation, let The MIND dwell-upon The Ideas given in the exercise, until it Be’comes clear to The MIND, and gradually Man-I-fe’sts in Re-AL Con’scious-ness with-in You.  The MIND Will gradually Be’come passive and at-rest, and The Mental Image Will Man-I-fe’st Clearly.  Do-not in’dulge in these exercises too-often – and do-not allow The Blissful State pro’duced, to render You dis-satisfied with The Affairs Of Every-Day Life, as the latter Are useful and necessary to You, and You must never shirk a lesson, how-ever dis-agree-able it may Be.  Let The Joy a’rising from the un-folding Con’scious-ness Be-as-a buoy to You, give you Strength for The Trials Of Life…  Not make You dis-satisfied and dis-gusted.  ALL IS AS IT IS*, and Every Thing has It’s place.  Many of The Students Who practice these exercises Will – in time – wish to Know mORe.  Rest-Assured that – when The Time comes – We Will See…  That You Do-Not Seek In Vain.  Go-On With Courage and Con’fidence – keeping Your Face to’ward The East – from-whence-comes The RA-I-Sing Sun.

*(Changed from “all is good”, which is an opinion based on the authOR’s opinion, not on Uni-Versal Truth. ~AZ)

Peace Be Unto You, And Unto ALL MEN