………….Thoughts may Be pro’jected by following the last Mentioned method (Distant Healing) and others Will feel the effect of Thought so-sent-forth, It Be’ing re-membered al’ways that no destructive* Thought can ever in’jure an Other Per’son Whose Thoughts Are pro’ductive*.  Pro’ductive* Thoughts Are al’ways destructive* to Destructive Thoughts – and Destructive* Thoughts al’ways destructive* to Pro’ductive* Thoughts.  One can, how-ever, ex’cite the Interest and Attention of an Other by sending Him Thought Waves in this way – charging The Prana with the message He wishes to con’vey.  If You de’sire an Other’s Love and/or Sympathy, and in Your Self possess Love and Sympathy for Him – You can send Him thoughts of this kind with effect, providing Your motives Are Pure.  Never, how-ever, attempt to in’fluence an Other to His detriment – or from im’Pure or self-ish motives – as such-thoughts only re’coil upon The Sender with re-doubled fORce – injuring Him a’lone – While The Innocent Party IS-not affected.  Psychic FORce – when legitimately used – IS fine*, but Be a’ware of in’advertantly per’forming what is often re’ferred to as**, “Black Magic” or the im’pro’per and carless uses of It – as such attempts Are like playing with a Dynamo, and The Per’son attempting such things shall Be surely suffer from the re’sult of the act alone.  How-ever, no Per’son of im’Pure motives ever acquires a great degree of Psychic Power, and a Pure Heart and MIND IS an in-vulnerable shield against im’pro’per Psychic Power.  Keep Your Self Pure and no Thing can hurt You.

*(Changed from either “Good” & “Bad” or “Positive” & “Negative” , “right” as these terms are meaning-less to The En’Lightened Mind ~AZ)

**(The clause, be’tween the wORds “Be a’ware” to the term, “Black Magic” – added by the editor as the concepts revolving around the term “Black Magic” are completely Un-En’Lightened. ~AZ)

(Changed from “Un-Holy”, as “Holiness is a religious term and has no’thing to do with this WORk ~AZ)

(Changed from “Punished”, as this also is a religious term, and is also un-En’Lightened ~AZ)


………….If You Are ever in the company of Per’sons of a low ORder of MIND, and You feel the de’pressing in’fluence of Their thought, breathe rhythmically a few times, thus generating an additional supply of Prana, and then by means of The Mental Image method surround Yourself with an egg-shaped thought aura, which Will protect You from the gross thought and disturbing in’fluences of others.


………….If You feel that Your Vital energy IS at a low ebb, and that You need to store up a new supply quickly, the best plan IS to place the feet close to’gether (side by side, of course) and to lock the fingers of both hands in any way that seems the most comfort-able.  This closes the circuit, as it were, and pre’vents any escape of Prana through the extremities.  Then breathe rhythmically a few times, and You will feel the effect of the recharging.


………….If some Friend IS de’ficient in Vitality, You may aid Him by sitting in-front-of Him, Your Toes touching His, and His Hands in Yours.  Then, both breathe rhythmically, You fORming The Mental Image of sending Prana into His System – and He, holding The Mental Image of re’ceiving The Prana.  Per’sons of weak Vitality or passive WILL should Be careful with Whom They try this ex’periment, as The Prana of A Per’son of destructive* de’sires Will Be coloured with the thoughts of That Per’son, and may give Him a temporary in’fluence over he weaker Per’son. The Latter, how-ever, may easily re’move such in’fluence by closing The Circuit (as Be’fORe Mentioned) and breathing a few Rythmic Breaths, closing with The Cleansing Breath.

*(Changed from “evil” – which is an opinion, and an un-En’Lightened concept ~AZ)


………….Water may Be charged with Prana, by breathing rhythmically, and holding the glass of Water by the bottom, in The Left Hand, and then gathering The Fingers of The Right Hand to’gether and shaking Them gently over The Water, as if You were shaking Drops of Water off of Your Finger Tips, into the glass.  The Mental Image of The Prana Be’ing passed-into The Water must, also, Be held.  Water, thus-charged, IS stimulating to weak or sick Per’sons – particularly if A Healing Thought accompanies The Mental Image of the trans’fer of The Prana.  The caution given in the last exercise also applies to this one – al’though the danger ex’ISts only in a greatly lesser degree.


………….Not-only can The Body Be con’trolled by The MIND under-direction-of The WILL, but The MIND also can Be trained and cultivated by the exercise of the con’trolling WILL.  This, which The Western WORld Knows as “Mental Science”, and similar terms – has proved to The Western Portions of That Truth which The Yogi has Known for ages.  The, mere, calm de’mand of The WILL accomplishes Wonders in-this-direction.  But, if the Mental Exercise IS accompanied by rhythmic breathing, the effect Is greatly in’creased.  De’sire-able qualities may Be acquired by holding the pro’per Mental Image of what Is de’sired during rhythmic breathing.  Poise, and Self con’trol, in’creased Power, and other de’sire-able qualities, may Be acquired in this way.  Un-de’sire-able qualities Are e’liminated by cultivating the opposite qualities.  Any or All of the “Mental Science” exercises, “treat-ments” and “affirmations” may Be used with The Yogi Rhythmic Breath.

………….The following Is a general exercise for the acquire-ment and de’velop-ment of de’sire-able Mental qualities.

………….Lie in a passive position, or sit erect.  Picture – in Your MIND – the qualities which You de’sire to cultivate.  Seeing Your Self as possessed of these qualities, and de’manding that Your MIND de’velop these quality.  Breathe rhythmically, holding The Mental Picture firmly.  Carry The Mental Picture with You as-much-as-possible, and en’deavour to Live-up-to The Ideal that You have set-up in Your MIND.  You Will find Your Self, gradually, progressing to Your ideal.  The rhythm of The Breathing assists The MIND in fORming new combinations, and The Student Who has followed The Western System Will find The Yogi Rhythmic Breathing as a wonderful Ally in His “Mental Science WORks”.


………….Physical qualities may Be acquired by the same methods as the above-Mentioned in-connection-with Mental qualities.  We do-not mean, of-course, that short Men can Be made tall, or that Amputated Limbs may Be re-placed, or similar Miracles.  But The Ex’pression of The Countenance may Be changed – Courage and General Physical Characteristics im’proved by The Con’trol of The WILL – accompanied by Rhythmic Breathing…  “As A Man Thinks, So Does He Look, Act, Walk, Sit, etc.”.  Im’proved thinking Will mean im’proved looks and actions.  To de’velop any Part of The Body – direct The Attention to It, while breathing rhythmically – holding The Mental Picture that You Are sending an in’creased amount of Prana or Nerve FORce  to That Part – in’creasing it’s Vitality and-thus, de’veloping it.  This plan applies equally-well to any Part of The Body which You wish to de’velop.  Many Western Athletes use a modification of this plan in Their exercises.  The Student Who has followed Our in’structions, so-far, Will readily Know & Comprehend how to apply The Yogi Principles in the above mentioned WORk.  The General Rule of this exercise Is the-same-as in the pre’ceding exercise (“Acquiring Mental Qualities”).  We have touched-upon the sub’ject of The Cure Of Physical Ail-ments in pre’ceding pages.


………….The un-de’sire-able e-motions, such as Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Hate, Anger, Jealousy, Envy, Melancholy, Ex’cite-ment, Grief, etc. – Are amen-able to The Con’trol Of The WILL.  And, The WILL Is en’abled to operate mORe-easily in such cases, if Rhythmic Breathing IS practiced while The Student IS “WILLing”.

………….The following exercise has Been found, by The Yogi Students, to-Be most-effective.  Al’though, The Advanced Yogi has, but, little need of it – as He has long-since dis’carded these un-de’sire-able Mental qualities by growing, Spiritually, Be’yond Them.  The Yogi Student, how-ever, finds the exercise to-Be a great help to Him while He is still growing.

………….Breathe rhythmically, con’centrating The Attention upon The Solar Plexus, sending to-It, The Mental Command “Get Out” (re’ferring to some un-de’sire-able e-motion).  Send The Mental Command firmly.  As You Be’gin to ex’hale, fORm The Mental Picture of the un-de’sire-able e-motions Be’ing carried-away with The Ex’haled Breath.  Re’peat seven times, and finish with The Cleansing Breath.  Then, notice how much better You feel.  The Mental Command must Be given “In Earnest” – as merely “trifling”, or Being in’sincere or even un-sure of One’s Self, shall cause the exercise to not-wORk, or to pro’duce greatly diminished re’sults.


………….The Yogis possess great Know-ledge re’garding the use and ab’use of The Re-Pro’ductive Principle in both Sexes.  Some hints of this esoteric Know-ledge have filtered-out, and have Been used by Western Writers on the sub’ject.  Much benefit has Been accomplished in this way.  In this little book We can-not do mORe than touch-upon the sub’ject, o’mitting All ex’cept a bare Mention of Theory.  We Will give a practical breathing exercise, where-by The Student Will Be en’abled to Trans’mute The Re-Pro’ductive Energy into Vitality for The En’tire System, in-stead-of dissipating and wasting It in lustful in’dulgences in or out-of The Marriage re’lations.  The Re-Pro’ductive Energy IS Creative Energy, and may Be taken-up by The System and trans’muted into Strength and Vitality – thus serving the pur’pose of Re-Generation in-stead of Generation.  If The Young Men of The Western WORld Knew & Comprehended these under-lying principles, They would Be saved much misery and un-happiness in later years – and would Be stronger Mentally, MOR’ally, and Physically.

………….This trans’mutation of The Re-Pro’ductive Energy gives great Vitality to Those practicing it.  They Will Be filled-with Great Vital FORce, which Will radiate from Them and Will manifest in what has Been called “Per’sonal Magnetism”.  The Energy, thus trans’muted, may-Be turned-into new channels and used to One’s great-advantage.  Nature has con’densed one of It’s most-Powerful manifestations of Prana into Re-Pro’ductive Energy, as It’s pur’pose IS To Create… “The Greatest Amount Of Vital FORce IS Con’Centrated In The Smallest Area”.

………….The Re-Pro’ductive ORganism IS the most-Powerful “Storage-Battery” in Animal Life – and It’s FORce can Be drawn-up’ward and used – as-well-as ex’pended in the OR’din’ary functions of Re-Pro’duction, or wasted in Riotous Lust.  The majority of Our Students Know some’thing of The Theories Of Re-Generation, and We can do little-mORe than to state the above facts.

………….The Yogi Exercise for Trans’Muting Re-Pro’ductive Energy IS simple.  It Is coupled-with Rhythmic Breathing, and can-Be easily per’fORmed.  It may-Be practiced at-any-time, but IS specially re’commended when One feels the instinct most-strongly.  At-which-time, The Re-Pro’ductive Energy IS manifesting and may-Be most-easily trans’muted for Re-Generative pur’poses.  The exercise IS as follows.

………….Keep The MIND fixed-on The Idea Of Energy – and away-from OR’din’ary Sexual Thoughts or Imaginings.  If these thoughts come-into The MIND, do-not-Be dis’couraged, but re’gard them as manifestations of a FORce which You in’tend to use for the pur’poses of Strengthening The Body and MIND.  Lie passively, or sit erect, and fix Your MIND on the idea of drawing The Re-Pro’ductive Energy up’ward to The Solar Plexus – where It Will-Be trans’muted and stored-away as a re’serve of FORce – as Vital Energy.  Then breathe rhythmically, fORming The Mental Image of drawing-up The Re-Pro’ductive Energy with each in’halation.  With each in’halation, make a command of The WILL – that The Energy Be drawn-up’ward from The Re-Pro’ductive ORganization to The Solar Plexus.  If the rhythm IS well-e’stablished,
and The Mental Image IS clear, You Will Be con’scious of the up’ward passage of The Energy, and Will feel It’s stimulating effect.  If You de’sire an in’crease in Mental FORce, You may draw-it-up to The Brain in-stead of to The Solar Plexus, by giving The Mental Command and holding The Mental Image of the trans’mission to The Brain.

………….The Man or Wo’Man doing Mental Creative WORk, or Bodily Creative WORk, Will Be-able-to use this Creative Energy in Their WORk, by following the above exercise – drawing-up The Energy with The In’halation, and sending-It-forth, with The Ex’halation.  In this last fORm of exercise, only such portions as Are needed in The WORk Will pass-into The WORk Be’ing-done, The Balance re’maining stored-up in The Solar Plexus.

………….You Must Know & Comprehend, of-course, that – It IS not The Re-Pro’ductive Fluids which Are drawn-up and used – but the Etheric Pranic Energy which animates the latter, “The Soul” Of The Re-Pro’ductive ORganism, as-It-were.  It IS usual to allow The Head to bend for’ward, easily and naturally, during the trans’muting exercise.


(This exercise IS what IS often re’ferred-to-as “Solar & Lunar Breathing ~AZ)

………….The Yogis have found the following exercise most useful in stimulating The Action Of The Brain, for the pur’pose of pro’ducing Clear Thinking and Reasoning.  It has a wonderful effect in Clearing The Brain and Nervous-System, and those en’gaged in Mental WORk Will find it most-useful to Them – both, in the direction of en’abling Them to do better WORk, and also as-a-means-of re-freshing The MIND and clearing It after arduous Mental labour.

………….Sit in an erect posture, keeping The Spinal Column straight, and The Eyes looking straight-for’ward, letting The Hands rest on The Upper part of The Legs.  Breathe rhythmically.  But, in-stead-of breathing through both Nostrils, as in the OR’din’ary exercises, press The Left Nostril closed with The Thumb, and in’hale through The Right Nostril.  Then re’move The Thumb, and close The Right Nostril with The Finger, and then ex’hale through The Left Nostril.  Then, not moving The Hand, fully-in’hale through The Left Nostril.  Then, pressing The Left Nostril closed again, ex’hale through The Right…  Then in’hale through The Right, and ex’hale through The Left – and so on, and so on – alternating Nostrils as Mentioned above – closing the un-used Nostril with The Thumb or Fore-Finger re’spectively.  This IS one of the oldest fORms of Yogi Breathing – IS con’sidered to-Be quite im’pORtant, very valuable, and IS definitely wORth acquiring the practice-of.  But it IS quite amusing to The Yogis, to Know that – to The Western WORld, this method IS often held-out as Be’ing “The Whole Secret” of Yogi Breathing.  To The MINDs of many Western Readers, “Yogi Breathing” suggests nothing-mORe-than a picture of a Hindu, sitting erect, and alternating nostrils in the act of breathing.  “Only This, And No’thing MORe”.  We trust that this little wORk Will open The Eyes of The Western WORld, to the great possibilities of Yogi Breathing, and the numerous methods where-by it may Be employed.


………….The Yogis have a favourite fORm of Psychic Breathing which They practice occasionally – to-which has Been given a Sanskrit term – of-which the above IS a general equivalent.

………….We have given it last, as it re’quires practice on-the-part-of The Student, in-the-line-of Rhythmic Breathing and Mental Imagery, which He has now acquired by-means-of the pre’ceding exercises.  The General Principles of The Grand Breath may-Be summed-up in the old Hindu saying “Blessed IS The Yogi Who Can Breathe Through His Bones”.  This exercise Will fill The En’tire System with Prana, and The Student Will e’merge from it with every Bone, Muscle, Nerve, Cell, Tissue, ORgan, and Part – Energized and Attuned by The Prana and The Rhythm Of The Breath.  It IS a general “House-Cleaning” of The System, and He Who practices it, carefully, Will feel as-if He had been given a new Body – freshly-created – from The Crown of His head, to The Tips Of His Toes.  We Will let the exercise “Speak For It’self”.

1.  Lie in a re-laxed position, at Per’fect ease.

2.  Breathe rhythmically, until the rhythm IS Per’fectly established.

3.  Then – in’haling and ex’haling – fORm The Mental Image of The Breath Be’ing drawn-up through The Bones Of The Legs – and then fORced-out through Them…  Then through The Bones Of The Arms…  Then through The Top Of The Skull…  Then through The Stomach…  Then through The Re-Pro’ductive Region…  Then as-if It were travelling up’ward and down’ward a’long The Spinal Column…  And then – as-if The Breath were Being in’haled and ex’haled through Every Pore of The Skin – The Whole Body Be’ing filled with Prana and Life.

4.  Then (breathing rhythmically) send The Current of Prana to The Seven Vital Centres – in turn, as follows – using The Mental Picture, as in previous exercises.

a.  To The Fore-Head.

b.  To The Back Of The Head.

c.  To The The Base Of The Skull.

d.  To The Solar Plexus.

e.  To The Sacral Region (The Lower Part Of The Spine).

f.  To The Naval Region.

g.  To The Re-Pro’ductive ORgans.

………….Finish by sweeping The Current of Prana – to-and-fro, from Head to Feet – several times.

5.  Follow-up with The Cleansing Breath.