………….With the ex’ception of the in’structions in The Yogi Rhythmic Breathing, the majority of the exercise here-to-fore given in this book re’late to the physical plane of effort, which – while highly im’pORtant in it’self – IS also re’garded by The Yogis as affording a sub’stantial basis for efforts on The Psychic and Spiritual Plane.  Do not, how-ever, dis’card or think lightly of The Physical Phase of the sub’ject.  For, re-member, that it needs a sound Body to support a sound MIND.  And also, that The Body IS The Temple of The Ego – The Lamp in-which burns The Light Of The Spirit.  Every Thing has a Pro’per Place, and every Thing IS in It’s place. The de’veloped Man IS the “All-A’round Man”, Who re-cognizes Body, MIND, and spirit – and renders to each It’s Due.  Neglect of either IS a mis’take which must Be rectified sooner or later – a debt which must Be re-paid with interest.

………….We Will now take-up The Psychic Phase of The Yogi Science Of Breath in the shape of a series of exercises. Each exercise carrying with it, it’s ex’planation.

………….You Will notice that in each exercise, Rhythmic Breathing IS accompanied by the in’structions to, “Carry The Thought” of certain de’sired re’sults.  This Mental attitude gives The WILL a “cleared track” upon-which to exercise It’s fORce.  We can-not, in this wORk, go into the sub’ject of the Power of The WILL, and must assume that You have some Know-ledge of the sub’ject.  If You have no acquaintance with the sub’ject, You Will find that the actual practice of the exercises alone Will give You a much clearer Know-ledge than any amount of theoretical teaching.  For, as the old Hindu proverb says, “He Who Tastes A Grain Of Mustard Seed, Knows MORe Of It’s Flavour Than He Who Sees An Elephant-Load Of It”.


………….The basis of All Yogi Psychic Breathing IS The Yogi Rhythmic Breath – in’struction re’garding-which We gave in Our last chapter.  In the following exercises, in-ORder-to a’void use-less re’petition, We Will say merely, “Breathe Rhythmically”, and then give the in’struction for the exercise of The Psychic FORce – or directed WILL Power, wORking in-connection-with The Rhythmic Breath Vibrations.  After a little practice You Will find that You Will-not need to count after the first rhythmic breath, as The MIND will grasp the idea of time and rhythm and You will Be able to breathe rhythmically at pleasure, al’most automatically.

………….This will leave The MIND clear for The Sending Of The Psychic Vibrations under the direction of The WILL.  (See the following first exercise for directions in using The WILL.)


………….Lying flat on the floor or bed, completely re-laxed, with hands resting lightly over The Solar Plexus, where The Ribs Be’gin to separate, breathe rhythmically.  After the rhythm IS fully e’stablished, WILL that each In’halation will draw-in an in’creased supply of Prana or Vital Energy from The Uni-Versal Supply – which Will Be taken-up by The Nervous-System and stored in The Solar Plexus.  At each In’halation, WILL that The Prana or Vital energy IS Be’ing dis’tributed All-over The Body, to every ORgan and Part – to every Muscle, Cell and Atom – to Nerve, Artery, and Vein – from The Top of Your Head to The Soles of Your Feet – in’Vigorating, strengthening, and stimulating every Nerve – re-charging every Nerve Centre – sending Energy, FORce and Strength, All-over The System.  While exercising The WILL, try to fORm a Mental picture of the in-rushing Prana, coming-in through The Lungs and Be’ing taken-up at-once by The Solar Plexus – then, with The Ex’haling effort, Be’ing sent to All Parts of The System, down to The Finger Tips, and down to The Toes.  It IS not necessary to use The WILL with an effort.  Simply commanding that-which You wish to pro’duce and then making The Mental Picture of it, IS All that IS necessary.  Calm command with The Mental Picture is far-better than forcible WILLing – which only dissipates fORce need-lessly.  The above exercise IS most-helpful and greatly Re-freshes and Strengthens The Nervous-System and pro’duces a restful feeling All-over The Body.  It IS e’specially beneficial in cases where one IS tired or feels a lack of Energy.


………….Lying-down or sitting-erect, breath rhythmically, holding The Thought that You Are In’haling Prana.  Then, when You Ex’hale, send The Prana to The painful Part – to re-e’stablish The Circulation and Nerve Current.  Then in’hale mORe Prana for the pur’pose of driving-out the painful con’dition – then ex’hale, holding The Thought that You Are driving-out The Pain.  Alternate the two above Mental commands, and with one Ex’halation, stimulate The Part – and with the next, drive-out The Pain.  Keep-this-up for seven breaths – then practice The Cleansing Breath, and rest a while.  Then try it again until re’lief comes – which Will Be Be’fORe long.

………….Many pains Will Be found to-Be re’lieved Be’fORe The Seven breaths Are finished.  If The Hand IS placed-over The Painful Part, You may get quicker re’sults.  Send The Current of Prana down The Arm and into The Painful Part.


………….Lying-down or sitting erect, breathe rhythmically – and with the Ex’halations, direct The Circulation to any Part You wish – which may Be suffering from im’Per’fect Circulation.  This IS effective in-cases-of Cold Feet or in-cases-of Head-Ache, The Blood Be’ing sent down’ward in both cases.  In the first case, warming the feet – and in the latter re’lieving The Brain from too-great of pressure.  In-the-case-of Head-Ache, try The Pain In’hibiting first, then follow with sending The Blood down’ward.  You Will, often, feel a warm feeling in The Legs as The Circulation moves down’ward.  The Circulation IS largely under the con’trol of The WILL and Rhythmic Breathing renders the task easier.


………….Lying in a re-laxed con’dition, breathe rhythmically, and command that a significant supply of Prana Be in’haled.  With the ex’halation, send The Prana to The Affected Part, for the pur’pose of stimulating it.  Vary this occasionally by ex’haling, with The Mental Command that the dis-eased con’dition Be fORced-out and dis-appear.  Use the hands in this exercise, passing them down The Body from The Head to The Affected Part.  In using The Hands in healing Your Self or Others, al’ways hold The Mental Image that The Prana IS flowing down The Arm and through The Finger-tips, into The Body – thus reaching The Affected Part and Healing it.  Of-course, We can give only general directions in this book sans taking-up the several fORms of dis-ease in-detail. But, a little practice of the above exercise – varying it, slightly, to fit the con’ditions of the case – Will pro’duce wonderful re’sults.  Some Yogis follow the plan of placing both Hands on The Affected Part, then breathing rhythmically – holding The Mental Image that They Are pumping Prana into the dis-eased ORgan, or Part – stimulating it and driving-out dis-eased con’ditions…  Similar to pumping clean Water into a pail filled with dirty Water, until the clean Water completely flushes-out the dirty Water and fills the bucket with nothing-but fresh clean Water.  This last plan IS very effective if The Mental Image of the pump IS clearly held, the in’halation re’pre’senting the lifting of The Pump handle and the ex’halation the actual pumping.


………….We can-not take-up the question of The Psychic treat-ment of dis-ease by Prana in-detail in this book, as such would Be foreign to it’s pur’pose.  But We can and Will give You simple, plain in’structions where-by You may Be en’abled to do much Beneficience in re’lieving Others.  The main principle to re-member IS that by Rhythmic Breathing and Con’trolled Thought You Are en’abled to ab’sORb a con’siderable amount of Prana, and Are also able to pass It into The Body of an Other Per’son, stimulating weakened Parts and ORgans, and im’parting Health and driving out dis-eased con’ditions.  You must, first, learn to fORm such a clear Mental Image of the de’sired con’dition that You Will Be-able-to actually Feel the in-flux of Prana, and The fORce running-down Your Arms and out Your Finger Tips, into The Body of The Patient.  Breathe rhythmically a few times, until The Rhythm IS fairly e’stablished.  Then, place Your Hands upon the affected part of The Body of The Patient, letting Them rest lightly over The Part.  Then follow the “Pumping” pro’cess de’scribed in the pre’ceding exercise (Self-Healing), and fill The Patient full of Prana, until The dis-eased con’dition is driven-out.  Every-once-in-a-while, raise The Hands and “flick” The Fingers, as-if You were throwing-off The dis-eased con’dition.  It IS well to do this occasionally, and also to wash The Hands after Treat-ment – as other-wise You may take-on a trace of the dis-eased con’dition of The Patient.  Also, practice The Cleansing Breath, several times, after The Treat-ment.  During the treat-ment, let The Prana pour-into The Patient in one con’tinuous stream – allowing Your Self to-Be, merely, The Pumping Machinery connecting The Patient with The Uni-Versal supply of Prana, and allowing It to Flow Freely through You.  You need-not wORk The Hands vigorously – but simply-enough that The Prana, Freely, reaches The Affected Parts.

………….The Rhythmic Breathing must Be practiced, frequently, during The Treat-ment – so-as-to keep The Rhythm n’ORmal, and to afford The Prana a Free Passage.  It IS better to place The Hands on The Bare Skin – but where this IS not-ad’visable or possible, place them over The Clothing.  Vary the above method, occasionally, during The Treat-ment by stroking The Body gently and softly with The Finger-Tips – keeping them slightly separated.  This IS very soothing to The Patient.  In cases of long-standing (ail-ments) You may find it helpful to give The Mental Command in wORds – such-as “Get Out, Get Out”.  Or, “Be Strong, Be Strong” – (both statements, obviously Be’ing focused on different things. The first focused on the dis-eas and the second on The Per’son) as the case may-Be.  The wORds may help You to exercise The WILL mORe-forcibly and in a mORe focused way.  Vary these in’structions to suit the needs of the case, and use Your Own Judg-ment and inventive faculty.  We have given You the general principles, and You can apply them in hundreds of different ways.

………….The above apparently simple in’struction – if carefully studied and applied – Will en’able One to accomplish All that the leading “Magnetic Healers” Are able to do.  Al’though Their “Systems” Are mORe-or-less cumbersome and com’plicated.  They Are using Prana ignorantly and calling It “Magnetism”.  If They would combine Rhythmic Breathing with Their “Magnetic” Treat-ment, They would double Their efficiency.


………….Prana, coloured by The Thought of The Sender, may Be pro’jected to Per’sons at a distance, Who Are WILLing to re’ceive It.  This IS The Secret of “Absence Healing” – of-which The Western WORld has heard so-much-of lately.  The thought of The Healer IS sent-forth and colours The Prana of The Sender, and it flashes-across Space, finding It’s Way into The Psychic Mechanism of The Patient.  It IS un-seen.  And, like The Marconi Tesla Waves, It passes through inter’vening obstacles, seeking The Per’son attuned to re’ceive It.  In-ORder-to treat Per’sons at-a-distance, You must fORm A Mental Image of Them, until You can Feel Your Self to-Be in-rapport with Them.  This IS a psychic pro’cess de’pendent-upon The Mental Imagery of The Healer.

………….You can Feel The Sense of Rapport when It IS e’stablished. It manifests in a sense of “Near-ness”.  That IS a’bout as-plain-as We can de’scribe It.  It may Be acquired by a little practice, and Some Will get It at the first trial.  When Rapport Is e’stablished, say Mentally to the distant Patient, “I am sending You a supply of Vital FORce and Power, which Will in’vigorate You and Heal You”.  Then picture The Prana as leaving Your MIND with each ex’halation of Rhythmic Breath, and travelling across Space instant’aneously, reaching The Patient and healing Him.  It IS not-necessary to fix certain hours for treat-ment, al’though You may do-so if You wish.  The re’ceptive con’dition of The Patient – as He IS ex’pecting and opening His Self up to Your Psychic fORce – attunes Him to re’ceive Your Vibrations when-ever You may send Them.  If You agree-upon hours, let Him place His Self in a re-laxed attitude and re’ceptive con’dition.  The above IS The Great under-lying Principle of “The Absence Treat-ment” of The Western WORld.  You may do these things as-well as the most noted healers, with a little practice.