………….This chapter IS composed of seven minor Yogi Breathing Exercises – bearing no special names, but each distinct and separate from the others and having a different pur’pose in view.  Each Student Will find several of these exercises best-a’dapted to the special re’quire-ments of His particular case.  Al’though We have styled these exercises as, “Minor Exercises”, they Are quite valuable and useful, other-wise they would not appear in this book.  They give One a con’densed course in “Physical Culture” and “Lung De’velop-ment”, and might readily Be “padded out” and e’laborated into a small book on these sub’jects.  They have, of course, an additional value, as Yogi Breathing fORms a part of each exercise.  Do not pass-them-by Be’cause they Are marked “Minor”.  Some one-or-mORe of these exercises may Be just what You need.  Try them and de’cide for Your Self.


1.  Stand erect with hands at sides.

2.  In’hale a Complete Breath.

3.  Raise The Arms slowly, keeping them rigid until The Hands touch over Head.

4.  Re’tain The Breath a few moments with Your Hands over-Head.

5.  Lower Your Hands slowly to The Sides, ex’haling slowly at-the-same-time.

6.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.


1.  Stand erect, with Your Arms straight in-front-of You.

2.  In’hale and re’tain a Complete Breath.

3.  Swing Your Arms back, as-far-as they Will go – then back to the first position – then re’peat several times, re’taining The Breath all-the-while.

4.  Ex’hale vigorously through The Mouth.

5.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.


1.  Stand erect with Your Arms straight in front of You.

2.  In’hale a Complete Breath.

3.  Swing Your Arms a’round in a circle, back’ward, a few times. Then re’verse a few times, re’taining The Breath All-the-while. You may vary this by rotating them, alternately, like the sails of a Wind-Mill.

4.  Ex’hale The Breath vigorously through The Mouth.

5.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.


(This exercise is essentially what We Know in the time of this editing as a “Push-Up” – only with specifications re’garding The Breath while per’fORming it.)

1.  Lie on the floor facing down’ward with The Palms of Your Hands flat upon the floor by Your Sides (By the chest, or under’neath the shoulders – in “push-up” position).

2.  In’hale and re’tain a Complete Breath.

3.  Stiffen The Body, and – keeping The Body as stiff as possible – push up Your Body with The Arms until You are balanced on Your Hands and Toes.

4.  Then, lower Your Body to the ORiginal position, Ex’haling as You lower Your Body.

5.  Re’peat several times.

6.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.


(This exercise is essentially a standing “Push-Up” against the wall, but by using Muscle-Tension, rather than gravity to provide resistance.)

1.  Stand erect with Your Palms against The Wall.

2.  In’hale a Complete Breath and re’tain.

3.  Lower Your Chest to The Wall, resting Your Weight on Your Hands.

4.  Then push Your Body back with The Arm Muscles (tensed, as if against some great weight) a’lone, keeping The Body Stiff.

5.  Ex’hale vigorously through The Mouth as You push up.

6.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.


1.  Stand erect with Hands on The Hips, Elbows out.

2.  In’hale a Complete Breath and re’tain.

3.  Keep Your Legs and Hips stiff and bend well for’ward, as if bowing, at-the-same-time, ex’haling slowly.

4.  Return to first the position and take an’other Complete Breath.

5.  Then bend back’ward, ex’haling slowly.

6.  Return to the first position and take a Complete Breath.

7.  Then bend side’ways, ex’haling slowly. (Vary by bending to right and then to

8.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.


1.  Stand erect, or sit erect, with a straight Spinal Column.

2.  In’hale a Complete Breath, but in-stead-of in’haling in a con’tinuous steady stream, take a series of short, quick “sniffs,” as if You were smelling aromatic salts or ammonia and did not wish to get too strong a “whiff”.  Do not ex’hale any of these little breaths, but add one to the other until The En’tire Lung-Space IS filled.

3.  Re’tain for a few seconds.

4.  Ex’hale through The Nostrils in a long, restful, sighing breath.

5.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.