………….We give Be’low, three fORms of breath, quite popular among The Yogis.  The first is The well-Known Yogi Cleansing Breath, to-which IS attributed much of the great Lung en’durance found among The Yogis.  They usually finish-up a breathing exercise with This Cleansing Breath, and We have followed this plan in this book.  We also give The Yogi Nerve Vitalizing Exercise, which has Been handed-down among them for ages – and-which has never Been im’proved-on by Western Teachers of Physical Culture, al’though some of Them have “borrowed” it from teachers of Yoga.  We also give The Yogi Vocal Breath, which accounts, largely, for the melodious, vibrant voices of the Better class of The Oriental Yogas.  We feel that if this book con’tained nothing-mORe-than these three exercises, it would Be in’valuable to The Western Student.  Take these exercises as a gift from Your Eastern Brothers and put them into practice.


………….The Yogis have a favourite fORm of breathing which They practice when They feel the necessity of ventilating and cleansing The Lungs.  They con’clude many of Their other breathing exercises with this breath, and We have followed this practice in this book.  This Cleansing Breath ventilates and cleanses The Lungs, stimulates The Cells and gives a general tone to The Res’piratory ORgans, and IS con’ducive to their general healthy con’dition.  Be’sides this effect, it IS found to greatly re-fresh The En’tire System.  Speakers, Singers, etc., Will find this breath e’specially restful, after having tired The Re’spiratory ORgans.

1.  In’hale a Complete Breath.

2.  Re’tain The Air a few seconds.

3.  Pucker-up The Lips as if for a whistle (but do not swell out the cheeks), then ex’hale a little air through the opening, with con’siderable vigour.  Then stop for a moment re’taining The Air, and then ex’hale a little mORe air.  Re’peat until The Air IS completely ex’haled.  Re-member that con’siderable vigour IS to-Be used in ex’haling The Air through the opening in The Lips.

………….This breath Will Be found quite re-freshing when one IS tired and generally “used-up”.  A trial Will con’vince The Student of it’s merits.  This exercise should Be practiced until it can Be per’fORmed naturally and easily, as it IS used to finish-up a number of other exercises given in this book and it should Be thoroughly Comprehended.


………….This IS an exercise well-Known to The Yogis, Who con’sider it to-Be one of the strongest Nerve stimulants and in’vigorants Known to Man.  It’s pur’pose IS to stimulate the Nervous-System, de’velop Nerve FORce, Energy and Vitality.  This exercise brings a stimulating pressure to-Bear on im’pORtant Nerve Centres, which in-turn stimulate and energize The En’tire Nervous-System, and send an in’creased flow of Nerve FORce to All Parts of The Body.

1.  Stand erect.

2.  In’hale a Complete Breath, and re’tain the in’halation.

3.  Ex’tend The Arms straight-out in-front-of You, letting them re’main some-what limp and re-laxed, with only sufficient Nerve FORce to hold them out.

4.  Slowly draw the hands back toward The Shoulders – gradually con’tracting The Muscles and putting fORce into them, so that when they reach The Shoulders, The Fists Will-Be so tightly-clenched that a tremulous motion IS felt.

5.  Then, keeping The Muscles tense, push The Fists slowly out, and then draw them back rapidly (still tense) several times.

6.  Ex’hale vigorously through The Mouth.

7.  Practice The Cleansing Breath.

………….The efficiency of this exercise de’pends, greatly, upon the speed of the drawing back of The Fists, and the tension of The Muscles, and, of-course, upon the full Lungs.  This exercise must Be tried to-Be appreciated.  It has no equal as a “bracer” – as our Western Friends call it.


………….The Yogis have a fORm of breathing to de’velop The Voice.  They Are noted for Their wonderful Voices, which Are Strong, Smooth, and Clear – and have a wonderful trumpet-like carrying Power.  They have practiced this particular fORm of breathing exercise – which has re’sulted in rendering Their Voices Soft, Beautiful and Flexible – im’parting to them, that in’describable, peculiar floating quality – combined-with great Power. The exercise given Be’low Will, in-time, im’part the above Mentioned qualities, or The Yogi Voice, to The Student Who practices it faith-fully.  It IS to-Be Comprehended, of-course, that this fORm of breath IS to-Be used only as an occasional exercise, and not as a regular fORm of breathing.

1.  In’hale a Complete Breath, very slowly but steadily, through The Nostrils, taking as much time as possible with the in’halation.

2.  Re’tain The Breath for a few seconds.

3.  Ex’pel The Air vigorously in one great breath, through the wide opened Mouth.

4.  Rest The Lungs by per’fORming The Cleansing Breath.

………….Sans going deeply into The Yogi Theories of Sound Pro’duction in speaking and singing, We wish to say that ex’perience has taught Them that the Timbre, Quality and Power of a Voice de’pends not-only-upon The Vocal ORgans in The Throat, but that The Facial Muscles, etc. – also have, much, to-do-with The Matter.  Some Men with large Chests pro’duce but a poor tone – while Others with comparatively small Chests pro’duce tones of amazing Strength and Quality.

………….Here IS an interesting ex’periment worth trying: Stand Be’fORe a glass and pucker-up Your Mouth and whistle. Note the shape of Your mouth and the general ex’pression of Your Face.  Then sing or speak as You do naturally, noticing the difference.  Then start to whistle again for a few seconds.  Finally, with no change in the position of Your lips or Face, sing a few notes and notice what a Vibrant, Re’sonant, Clear, and Beautiful Tone IS pro’duced.