………….Scarcely too much can Be said of the advantages attending the practice of The Complete Breath.  And yet, The Student Who has care’fully read the fore-going pages should scarcely need to have pointed-out, to Him, such advantages.

………….The practice of The Complete Breath will make any Man or Wo’Man immune to Consumption and other Pulmonary troubles, and will do-away-with all liability to con’tract “Colds,” as-well as Bronchial and similar weak-nesses.

………….Consumption IS due, principally, to lowered Vitality attributable to an in’sufficient amount of air Be’ing in’haled.  The im’pair-ment of Vitality renders The System open to attacks from dis-ease germs.  Im’Per’fect breathing allows a con’siderable part of The Lungs to re’main in’active, and such portions offer an in’viting field for bacilli, which in’vading the weakened tissue, soon pro’duce havoc.  Healthy Vital Lung Tissue will resist The Germs, and the only way to have healthy Vital Lung tissue is to use The Lungs pro’perly.

………….Consumptives Are, nearly-All, narrow-chested.  What does this mean? Simply that these people were addicted to im’pro’per habits of breathing, and con’sequently Their Chests failed to de’velop and ex’pand.  The Man Who practices The Complete Breath Will have a full broad Chest, and the narrow-chested Man may de’velop His Chest to n’ORmal pro’portions if He Will a’dopt this mode of breathing.  Such people must de’velop Their Chest-Cavities if They value Their Lives.  Colds may often-Be pre’vented by practicing a little vigorous Complete Breathing when-ever You feel that You Are Being un-duly ex’posed.  When chilled – breathe vigorously for a few minutes, and You Will feel a’glow All over Your Body.  Most colds can Be cured by Complete Breathing and partial fasting for no-mORe-than a single day.

………….The quality of The Blood de’pends largely-upon it’s pro’per oxygenation in The Lungs and if it IS under-oxygenated it Be’comes poor in quality and laden with All sorts of im’Purities.  The System suffers from lack of nourish-ment, and often Be’comes, actually, poisoned by the waste pro’ducts re’maining un-e’liminated in The Blood.  As The En’tire Body – every ORgan and every part – IS de’pendent-upon The Blood for nourish-ment, im’Pure Blood must have a serious effect upon The En’tire System.  The remedy IS simple…  Practice The Yogi Complete Breath.

………….The Stomach and other ORgans Of Nutrition suffer much from im’pro’per breathing.  Not-only Are they ill-nourished by reason of the lack of Oxygen, but as the food must ab’sORb Oxygen from The Blood and Be’come oxygenated Be’fORe it can Be digested and assimilated, it can Be readily-seen how digestion and assimilation are im’paired by in’correct breathing.  And when assimilation IS not n’ORmal, The System re’ceives less-and-less nourish-ment – the appetite fails, bodily vigor de’creases, and Energy diminishes.  The Man withers and de’clines – All from the lack of pro’per breathing.

………….Even The Nervous-System suffers from im’pro’per breathing, in-as-much-as:  The Brain, The Spinal CORd, The Nerve Centres, and The Nerves them’selves – when im’pro’perly nourished by means of The Blood – Be’come poor and inefficient instruments for Generating, Storing, and Trans’mitting The Nerve Currents.  And, im’pro’perly nourished they will Be’come, if sufficient Oxygen IS not ab’sORbed through The Lungs.  There IS another aspect of the case, where-by The Nerve Currents them’selves – or rather – The fORce from-which The Nerve Currents spring, Be’comes lessened from want of pro’per breathing.  But, this Be’longs to a separate phase of the sub’ject which is treated of in other chapters of this book – and Our pur’pose, here, IS to direct Your attention to the fact that the mechanism of The Nervous-System IS rendered in’efficient, as an instrument for con’veying Nerve FORce, as the in’direct re’sult of a lack of pro’per breathing.

………….The effect of The Re-Pro’ductive ORgans, upon the general Health, IS too-well Known to be dis’cussed at-length here – but We Will say that, with The Re-Pro’ductive ORgans in a weakened con’dition, The En’tire System feels the re-flex action and suffers sympathetically.  The Complete Breath pro’duces a rhythm which IS Nature’s own plan for keeping this im’pORtant part of The System in n’ORmal con’dition, and, from-the-first, it can Be seen that The Re-Pro’ductive Functions Are strengthened and Vitalized by sympathetic re-flex action – giving tone to The Whole System.  By this, We do not mean that The Lower Sex im’pulses Will Be roused; far-from-it.  The Yogis Are ad’vocates of Con’tinence and Chastity – and have learned to con’trol The Animal Passions. But sexual con’trol does not mean sexual weak-ness.  The Yogi teachings Are that The Man or Wo’Man Whose Re-pro’ductive ORganism is n’ORmal and healthy, Will have a stronger WILL, with-which to con’trol His Self or Her Self.  The Yogi Be’lieves that much of the per’version of this wonderful part of The System comes from a lack of n’ORmal Health, and re’sults from a morbid, rather than a n’ORmal, con’dition of these ORgans.  A little careful con’sideration of this question shall prove that The Yogi Teachings Are right.

………….This IS not the place to dis’cuss the sub’ject fully, but The Yogis Know that Sex-Energy can Be con’served and used for the de’velop-ment of The Body and MIND of The In’divid’ual, in-stead of Be’ing dissipated in un-natural ex’cesses, as IS the de’sire of so many un-in’fORmed people.  By special re’quest, We Will give, in this book, one of the favourite Yogi exercises for this pur’pose.  But, whether-or-not The Student wishes to a’dopt The Yogi Theories of Con’tinence and Clean-Living, He or She Will find that The Complete Breath Will do mORe to re’store Health to this part of The System than any’thing else ever tried.  Re-member, now, We mean n’ORmal Health, not un-due de’velop-ment.  The sensualist Will find that “n’ORmal” means:  “A Lessening Of De’sire” – rather than an in’crease; The Weakened Man or Wo’Man Will find a toning-up and a relief from The Weak-ness which has here-to-fore de’pressed Him or Her.  We do-not wish to-Be ill-Comprehended or mis-quoted on this sub’ject.  The Yogi’s ideal IS a Body – Strong in All it’s Parts – under the con’trol of a Master-ful and de’veloped WILL – animated by High-Ideals.

………….In the practice of The Complete Breath, during in’halation, The Diaphragm con’tracts and ex’erts a gentle pressure upon The Liver, Stomach, and other ORgans.  Which, in-connection-with The Rhythm of The Lungs, acts-as a gentle massage for these ORgans, and stimulates their actions, encouraging n’ORmal functioning.  Each in’halation aids in this internal exercise, and assists in causing a n’ORmal circulation to The ORgans Of Nutrition and E’limination.  In High or Mid-Breathing, The ORgans lose the benefit accruing from this internal massage.

………….The Western WORld IS paying much attention to Physical Culture just now. Which is a beneficial thing.  But, in Their enthusiasm, They must not-forget that the exercise of the ex’ternal Muscles IS not every’thing. The Internal ORgans also need exercise, and Nature’s plan for the exercise IS pro’per breathing.  The Diaphragm IS Nature’s Principal Instrument for this internal exercise.  It’s motion vibrates the im’pORtant ORgans Of Nutrition and E’limination, and massages and kneads them at each in’halation and ex’halation, fORcing Blood into them, and then squeezing it out, im’parting a general tone to the ORgans.  Any ORgan or Part of The Body which IS not exercised, gradually atrophies and re’fuses to function pro’perly.  Lack of The internal exercise afforded by The Diaphragmatic Action leads to dis-eased ORgans.  The Complete Breath gives the pro’per motion to The Diaphragm, as-well-as exercising The Middle and Upper-Chest.  It IS in-deed “Complete” in it’s action.

………….From the stand-point of Western Physiology a’lone, sans reference to The Oriental Philosophies and Science, This Yogi System of Complete Breathing IS of Vital im’pORtance to every Man, Wo’Man, and Child Who wishes to acquire Health and keep it.  It’s very simplicity keeps thousands from seriously con’sidering it, while They spend fortunes in seeking Health through com’plicated and ex’pensive “Systems”.  Health knocks at Their door and They answer not.  Verily “The Stone Which The Builders Reject IS The Real Corner-Stone Of The Temple Of Health.