………….The Yogi Complete Breath IS The Funda’mental Breath of The En’tire Yogi Science Of Breath.  The Student must Be’come fully-acquainted with It, and master It, Per’fectly, Be’fORe He can hope to ob’tain re’sults from the other fORms of breath, Mentioned and given in this book.  He should not Be con’tent with “half-learning it”, but should go to wORk, in earnest, until it Be’comes His natural method of breathing.  This shall re’quire:  WORk, Time, and Patience – but sans these things, no Thing IS ever accomplished.  There IS no “Royal Road” to The Science of Breath, and The Student must Be pre’pared to practice and study, in-earnest, if He ex’pects to re’ceive re’sults.  The re’sults ob’tained by a complete mastery of The Science Of Breath Are immense – and no One Who has attained Them would Willingly go back to the old methods.  Con’versely, He Will tell His friends that He con’siders to-have-Been amply re-paid for All of His wORk.  We say these things, now, that You may fully-Comprehend the necessity and im’pORtance of mastering this funda’mental method of Yogi Breathing, in-stead of passing-It-by and trying some of the attractive-looking variations, given later-on in this book.  Again, We say to You…

………….“Start Right – And Right Re’sults Willl Follow…  But, If You Ne’glect Your Foundations…  Your En’tire Building Shall Topple-Over – Sooner-Or-Later.”

………….Per’haps the better way to teach You how to de’velop The Yogi Complete Breath, would Be to give You simple directions re’garding the breath It’self, and then follow-up the same with general re’marks con’cerning It.  And then, later-on, giving exercises for de’veloping The Chest, Muscles, and Lungs which have Been allowed to re’main in an un-de’veloped con’dition by im’Per’fect methods of breathing.  Right here, We wish to say that this Complete Breath IS not a fORced or ab’nORmal thing, but – on the contrary – It IS a “going-back” to First Principles – a return to Nature.  The healthy Adult savage and the healthy infant of “Civilization”, both breathe in this manner.  But so-called, “Civilized Man” has a’dopted un-natural methods of Living, Clothing, etc. – and has lost His Birth-Right.  And We wish to re-Mind The Reader that The Complete Breath does-not, necessarily, call-for the complete filling of The Lungs at every in’halation.  One may in’hale the average amount of air, using The Complete Breathing Method, dis’tributing The Air in’haled – Be the quantity large or small – to All Parts of The Lungs.  But One should in’hale a series of full Complete Breaths, several times a day, when-ever opportunity offers, in-ORder-to keep The System in pro’per ORder and con’dition.

………….The following simple exercise Will give You a clear idea of what The Complete Breath is:

(1)………….Stand or sit erect.  Breathing through the nostrils, in’hale steadily – first filling The Lower Part of The Lungs, which IS accomplished by bringing-into-play The Diaphragm – which, as It descends, ex’erts a gentle pressure on The Abdominal ORgans, pushing-fo’rward The Front Walls of The Abdomen.  Then, fill The Middle Part of The Lungs, pushing-out The Lower Ribs, Breast-Bone and Chest.  Then, fill The Higher portion of The Lungs, pro’truding The Upper Chest, thus lifting The Chest, in’cluding The Upper six or seven pairs of Ribs.  In the final move-ment, The Lower Part of The Abdomen Will Be slightly drawn-in, and this move-ment gives The Lungs a support, and helps to fill The Highest part of The Lungs.

………….At first reading, it may appear that this breath con’sists of three distinct move-ments.  This, how-ever, IS not the correct idea.  The in’halation IS con’tinuous – The En’tire Chest-Cavity, from The Lower Diaphragm to The Highest point of The Chest, in the region of The Collar-Bone, IS ex’panded with a uni-fORm move-ment.  A’void a jerky series of in’halations, and strive to attain a steady con’tinuous action.  Practice Will soon over’come the tendency to divide the in’halation into three move-ments, and Will re’sult in a uni-fORm con’tinuous breath.  You Will Be-able-to complete the in’halation in a couple of seconds after a little practice.

(2)………….Re’tain The Breath for a few seconds.

(3)………….Ex’hale quite slowly – holding The Chest in a firm position, drawing The Abdomen in a-little and lifting It up’ward, slowly, as The Air leaves The Lungs.  When The Air IS en’tirely ex’haled, re-lax The Chest and abdomen.  A little practice Will render this part of the exercise easy, and the move-ment, once acquired, Will Be, after’wards, per’fORmed al’most automatically.

………….By this method of breathing, All Parts of The Re’spiratory Apparatus Are brought-into action, and all parts of The Lungs, in’cluding the most remote Air Cells, Are ex’ercised.  The Chest-Cavity IS ex’panded in All directions.  You Will also notice that The Complete Breath IS really a combination of Low, Mid, and High Breaths, succeeding each-other rapidly in the ORder given, in such a manner as-to fORm one uni-fORm, con’tinuous, complete breath.

………….Practicing this breath in-front-of a large mirror can-Be-of great benefit.  Place The Hands lightly over Te Abdomen so that You may feel the move-ments.  At the end of the in’halation, it IS well to, occasionally, slightly elevate The Shoulders, thus raising The Collar-Bone and allowing The Air to pass, Freely, into the small Upper-Lobe of The Right Lung – this place, sometimes, Be’ing the breeding-place for tuberculosis.

………….At the Be’ginning of practice, You may have mORe-or-less trouble in acquiring The Complete Breath, but a-little practice Will make Per’fect – and once You have acquired It, You shall never return to the old methods.