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7.  Some years ago, a number of Cipher Manuscripts were dis-covered and de’ciphered by certain Students.  They attracted much attention, as they purported to derive-from “The Rosicrucians”.  You should surely comprehend that the genuine-ness of the claim matters not; such literature Be’ing judged by It’s Self – not by It’s reputed sources.

8.  Among The Manuscripts was One which gave the address of a certain person in Germany, who IS Known to Us as “S.D.A.”.  Those Who dis-covered The Ciphers wrote to “S.D.A.” – and in-accordance-with the instructions re’ceived, an OR’der was founded, which worked in a semi-secret manner.

9.  After some time, “S.D.A.” died.  Further re’quests for help were met with a prompt re’fusal from the colleagues of “S.D.A.”.  It was written by One of Them that “S.D.A.”‘s scheme had al’ways been re’garded with dis-approval.  But since the ab’solute rule of The Adepts IS never to interfere with the judgment of Any Other Person Whom-so-ever – how much more, then, One of Their Selfs (and that One most-highly-revered!) they had re’frained from active opposition.  The Adept Who wrote this added that The OR’der had al’ready quite enough Knowledge to en’able It or It’s Members to formulate a Magical Link with The Adepts.

10.  Shortly after this, One called “S.R.M.D.” announced that He had formulated such a “Link” – and that He and two Others were to govern The OR’der.  New and re’vised rituals were issued, and fresh knowledge poured-out in streams.

11.  We must pass-over the un-happy “juggleries” which characterized the next period.  It has, through-out, proved im’possible to e’LU’cidate the complex facts.

We content Our Selfs, then – with ob’serving that the death of One of His two colleagues, and the weakness of the Other – secured to “S.R.M.D.” the sole authority.  The rituals were e’laborated, though scholarly enough, into verbose and pretentious nonsense…  The Know-ledge proved worth-less, even where It was correct.  For It IS in-vain that “pearls” (be they never so clear and precious) are “given to the swine”.

The OR’deals were turned-into con’tempt – It Be’ing im’possible for Any One to fail there-in.  Un-Suitable candidates were ad’mitted for no-better-reason than that of Their worldly prosperity.

In short…  The OR’der failed to initiate.

12.  Scandal a’rose…  And with It…  Schism.

13.  In 1900, One “P.” – A Brother – in’stituted a rigorous test of “S.R.M.D.”, on the
One side and The OR’der on the Other.

14.  He dis-covered that “S.R.M.D.” – though a scholar of some a’bility, and a Magician of re’markable Powers – had never attained complete Inititiation.  And further, had fallen from His OR’iginal place – He having im’prudently attracted-to His Self, “fORces of Evil” too great and terrible for Him to with-stand.

The claim of the OR’der, that The True Adepts were in-charge-of It was de’finitely dis-proved.

15.  In The OR’der (with two certain ex’ceptions and two doubtful ones), He found no Persons pre’pared for Initiation of any sORt.

16.  He, there-upon, by his subtle Wisdom de’stroyed both The OR’der and It’s “Chief”.

17.  Be’ing, also no Perfect Adept, He was driven-of-The-Spirit into The Wilderness, where He a’bode for six years – studying by The Light Of Reason – The Sacred Books and Secret Systems of Initiation of ALL Countries and Ages.

18.  Finally, there was given unto Him, a certain ex’alted Grade, where-by a Man Be’comes Master Of Know-ledge and In’tell’I’gence…  and no-more Their Slave.  He per’ceived the in’adequacy of Science, Philosophy, and Religion – and ex’posed the Self-contra’dictory nature of The Thinking Faculty.

19.  Re’turning to England, He laid His achievements, humbly, “at the feet of” a certain adept – “D.D.S.” – Who wel’comed Him, Brotherly, and ad’mitted His Title to The Grade which He had so thoroughly and pains-taking’ly won.

20.  There-upon, These Two Adepts con’ferred to’gether – saying,  “May It not-Be-written that The Tribulations shall Be shortened?”…  Where-fore, They re’SOLved to e’stablish A New OR’der – which would-Be Free-from the errors and de’ceits of The fORmer One.

21.  Sans the “Authority”, They could-not do this – ex’alted as Their Rank Was
a’mong Adepts.  They re’SOL’ved to pre’pare ALL Things – Great & Small – a’gainst That Day, when such Authority would-Be re’ceived by Them; since They Knew-not where to seek for Higher Adepts than Their Selfs.  But They Knew that The True Way to attract the notice of Such, Was to equilibrate The Symbols…  The Temple must Be Built Be’fore The GOD Can dwell with-in It.

22.  There-fore, by The OR’der of “D.D.S.” did “P.” pre’pare ALL Things by His Arcane
Science & Wisdom – choosing only-those Symbols which were common to ALL Systems – and rigorously rejecting ALL Names & wORds which might-Be supposed to-im’ply any Religious or Meta-Physical Theory.  To do This utterly was found to-Be im’possible, since ALL Language has a History – and the use (for example) of the word “Spirit” im’plies The Scholastic Philosophy and The Hindu and Taoist Theories con’cerning “The Breath Of Man”.  So, was It difficult to a’void im’plication of some un-de’sirable bias by using The Words “OR’der”, “Circle”, “Chapter”, “Society”, “Brotherhood”, or any Other to de’signate The Body of Initiates.

23.  De’liberately, there-fore, did He take re’fuge in vague-ness.  Not to veil The Truth to The Neophyte, but to warn Him a’gainst valuing non-essentials.  Should, there-fore, The Candidate hear “The Name Of (any) GOD”, let-Him-not rashly assume that It re’fers to any known GOD, save-only the GOD Known to His Self.  Or, should The Ritual speak in-terms (however vague) which seem to im’ply Egyptian, Taoist, Buddhist, Indian, Persian, Greek, Judaic, Christian, or Moslem philosophy – let Him re’flect that this IS a defect of Language; the literary limitation, and not the Spiritual pre’judice of The Man “P.”.

24.  E’specially, let Him guard a’gainst the finding of de’finite Sectarian Symbols in The Teaching of His Master, and The Reasoning from “The Known” to “The un-Known”…  Which assuredly Shall tempt Him.

We labour earnestly, Dear Brother, that You may never-Be led-away to perish upon this point.  For there-on, have many Holy and Just Men been wrecked.  By this, have ALL The Visible Systems lost The Essence of Wisdom.

Though We have sought to re’veal The Arcanum…  Alas & Yet, We have only succeeded in pro’faning It.

25.  Now, when “P.” had, thus, with bitter toil pre’pared ALL Things under the guidance of “D.D.S.” (even as The Hand Writes, while The Conscious Brain –
though ignorant of The De’tailed Movements, applauds or dis-approves The
Finished wORk) there was a certain time of re’pose, as “The Earth Lieth Fallow”.

26.  Mean-while, These Adepts busied Their Selfs, intently, with “The Great wORk”.

27.  In The Full-ness Of Time – even as a blossoming tree that beareth fruit in It’s season – ALL These Pains were ended.  And These Adepts, and Their Com’panions ob’tained The Re’ward which They had sought.  They were to-Be ad’mitted to “The E’ternal & In’visible OR’der” that hath no Name among Men.

28.  They, there-fore, Who had – with smiling faces – a’bandoned Their Homes, Their
Possessions, Their Wives, Their Children, in OR’der to Perform “The Great wORk”, could, with steady calm and firm correct-ness a’bandon even “The Great wORk” as-Well…  for this IS The Last and Greatest Projection of The Al’chemist.

29.  Also, One “V.V.V.V.V.” a’rose, an ex’alted Adept of The Rank of “Master Of The Temple” (or this much He dis’closed to The Ex’empt Adepts) and His Utterance IS en’shrined in The Sacred Writings.

30.  Such are:  “Liber Legis, Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente, Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli” – and such Others whose ex’istence may, one day, Be-divulged unto You.  Be’ware, lest You inter’pret Them – either in “The Light”, or in “The Darkness” – for, only in “L.V.X.”, may They Be Comprehended & Known.

31.  Also, He con’ferred upon “D.D.S.”, “O.M.” (and an Other), the Author-ity of The Triad – Who, in turn, have de’legated It unto Others.  And They, yet again, so that The Body Of Initiates may Be Per’fect…  Even from “The Crown”, unto “The Kingdom”…  And Be’yond.

32.  For Per’fection a’bideth-not in The Pinnacles, or in The Foundations…  But, in The OR’dered Harmony of One with ALL.