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“…In the Name of the Initiator, Amen…”

1.  In The Beginning was Initiation.  The Flesh profiteth no-thing…  The Mind profiteth no-thing…  That which IS un-known to You and above these – while firmly based upon Their equilibrium – giveth Life.

2.  In ALL systems of religion IS to-Be-found a system of Initiation, which may Be de’fined as, “The Process by-which a Man comes-to-learn that un-known ‘Crown'”.

3.  Though None can communicate, either The Know-ledge or The Power to achieve This – which We may call, “The Great Work” – It IS, yet, possible for Initiates to guide Others.

4.  Every Man must over-come His Own Obstacles; ex-pose His Own Il’LU’sions.  Yet, Others may assist Him to-do both – and They may en’able Him al’together to a’void many of the “False Paths” (leading no whither), which tempt the weary feet of The un-Initiated Pilgrim.  They can further in’sure that He IS duly “tried and tested”…  For there are Many Who think Their Selves to-Be “Masters” – Who have not-even-Be’gun to tread “The Way Of Service That Leads There-to”.

5.  Now, “The Great Work” IS One…  And The Initiation IS One…  And The Re’ward IS One…  How-ever diverse The Symbols May-Be – where-in The un-Utterable IS clothed.

6. Hear-then, The History of The System, which this Lection gives to You the
opportunity of in’vestigating.

“Listen, We pray You, with attention…  For once only does “The Great OR’der” knock at any One Door…”

“Who-so-ever Knows any Member of That OR’der, as-such, can never Know an Other – until He-too has attained to Mastery…”

“Here, there-fore, We pause…  That You may thoroughly search Your Self, and con’sider if You Are yet fitted to take an ir’re-vocable step…”

“For, the reading of That-Which-Follows IS re-Corded.”