Chapter I

I,1:  Had!  The manifestation of Nuit.

I,2:  The un-veiling of The Company Of Heaven.

I,3:  Every Man and every wo’Man IS a Star.

I,4:  Every number IS infinite;  there IS no difference.

I,5:  Help Me, o Warrior Lord of Thebes, in My un-veiling before The Children of Men!

I,6:  Be thou Hadit, My Secret Centre, My Heart and My Tongue!

I,7:  Behold!  It IS re’vealed by Aiwass – The Minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat.

I,8:  The Khabs IS in The Khu – not The Khu in The Khabs.

I,9:  Worship – then – The Khabs, and be’hold My Light – shed over You!

I,10:  Let My servants be Few & Secret:  They Shall rule The Many & The Known.

I,11:  These are fools that Men adore;  both Their Gods and Their Men are fools.

I,12:  Come-forth, o’ Children, under The Stars – and take Your fill of Love!

I,13:  I AM above You and In You.  My Ecstasy IS in Yours.  My Joy IS to see Your Joy.


“Above, The Gemméd Azure IS
The Naked Splendour of Nuit;
She Bends in Ecstasy to Kiss
The Secret Ardours of Hadit.
The Winged Globe, The Starry Blue,
Are Mine, O Ankh-Af-Na-Khonsu!”

I,15:  Now – Ye Shall know – that The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space IS The Prince-Priest – The Beast;  and in His wo’Man – called, “The Scarlet wo’Man” IS ALL Power given.  They Shall gather My Children into Their Fold:  They Shall bring The Glory of The Stars into The Hearts of Men.

I,16:  For He IS ever a Sun – and She, a Moon.  But to Him, IS The Winged Secret Flame, and to Her, the Stooping Starlight.

I,17:  But, Ye are NOT so chosen.

I,18:  Burn upon their brows, o’ Splendrous Serpent!

I,19:  O’ Azure-Lidded wo’Man…  Bend Upon Them!

I,20:  The Key of The Rituals IS in The Secret wORd which I have given unto Him.

I,21:  With The God & The Adorer, I AM Nothing:  They do not see Me.  They are as upon The Earth;  I AM Heaven, and there IS no other God than Me, and My Lord Hadit.

I,22:  Now, therefore – I AM Known to Ye by My Name, “Nuit”.  And, to Him, by a Secret Name, which I WILL give Him when, at-last, He knoweth Me.  Since I AM Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars there-of, do Ye also thus.  Bind Nothing!  Let there BE no difference made among You, between any One “thing” & any Other “thing”;  for there-by, there cometh Hurt.

I,23:  But who-so availeth in this, let Him BE The Chief Of ALL!

I,24:  I AM Nuit, and My wORd IS, “Six and Fifty”.

I,25:  Divide, Add, Multiply, and comprehend.

I,26:  Then, saith The Prophet and Slave of The Beauteous One:  Who Am I, and what Shall BE The Sign?  So She answered Him – bending down – a Lambent Flame of Blue, All-Touching, All-Penetrant, Her lovely hands upon The Black Earth, & Her Lithe Body arched for Love, and Her soft feet, not hurting the little flowers:  Thou knowest!  And The Sign Shall BE My Ecstasy, The Consciousness of The Continuity of Existence, The Omni-Presence of My Body.

I,27:  Then, The Priest answered, and said unto The Queen of Space – kissing Her lovely brows, and The Dew of Her Light, bathing His Whole Body in a sweet-smelling perfume of sweat:  O’ Nuit, Continuous One Of Heaven, let it BE ever Thus;  that Men speak not of Thee as One but as None;  and let Them speak not of Thee at-All, since Thou art Continuous!

I,28:  None, breathed The Light, faint & faery, of The Stars, and Two.

I,29:  For I AM divided for Love’s sake – for the chance of Union.

I,30:  This IS The Creation of The wORld – that The Pain of Division IS as Nothing, and The Joy of Dissolution, ALL.

I,31:  For these fools of Men and Their Woes care-not Thou at-All!  They feel little;  what IS, IS balanced by weak Joys;  but Ye are My Chosen Ones.

I,32:  Obey My Prophet!  Follow-out The Ordeals of My Knowledge!  Seek Me Only!  Then The Joys of My Love WILL redeem Ye from All Pain.  This IS So:  I swear it by The Vault of My Dody;  by My Sacred Heart and Tongue;  by ALL I can give, by ALL I desire of Ye ALL.

I,33:  Then, The Priest fell into a deep trance or swoon – and said unto The Queen Of Heaven, “Write unto Us, The Ordeals – Write unto Us, The Rituals – Write unto Us, The Law!”

I,34:  But She said, “The Ordeals, I write not – The Rituals Shall BE half-known & half-concealed – The Law IS for ALL.

I,35:  This, that Thou writest, IS The three-fold “Book Of Law”.

I,36:  My scribe – Ankh-Af-Na-Khonsu – “The Priest Of The Princes”, Shall-not – in one letter – change this book.  But, lest there be folly, He Shall comment there-upon by The Wisdom of Ra-Hoor-Khu-it.

I,37:  Also, The Mantras and Spells – The Obeah and The Wanga – The wORk Of The Wand and The wORk Of The SwORd…  These, He Shall learn and teach.

I,38:  He MUST teach.  But, He may make severe, The Ordeals.

I,39:  The wORd of the Law IS:  “θελημα” –  “Thelema” – Theta-Epsilon-Lambda-Eta-Mu-Alpha.

I,40:  Who calls Us “Thelemites” WILL do no wrong, if He look, but close, into the wORd.  For there are, there-in, Three Grades:  “The Hermit”,  “The Lover”,  “The Man Of Earth”…  “Do What Thou Wilt Shall BE The Whole Of The Law”.

I,41:  The wORd of Sin IS “Restriction”.  O’ Man!  Refuse-not Thy Wife, if She WILL!  O’ Lover, if Thou Wilt, depart!  There IS no bond that can Unite The Divided, but Love:  All else IS a curse.  Accursed!  Accursed Be it to The Aeons!  Hell.

I,42:  Let it BE that state of Many-hood, bound & loathing.  So with Thy ALL;  Thou hast no Right, but to “Do Thy WILL”.

I,43:  Do that, and no other Shall say “nay”.

I,44:  For, Pure WILL, un-assuaged of Purpose – delivered from The Lust of Result – IS every-way Perfect.

I,45:  “The Perfect” & “The Perfect”, are “One Perfect”, and not “Two”…  Nay!  Are “None”!

I,46:  “Nothing” IS a Secret Key of this Law.  “Sixty-One”, The Jews call it;  I call it, “Eight”, “Eighty”, “Four-Hundred” & “Eighteen”.

I,47:  But they have The Half:  Unite by Thine Art – so that ALL disappear.

I,48:  My Prophet IS a Fool, with his “One”, “One”, “One”;  are not They, “The Ox”, and “None” by “The Book”?

I,49:  Abrogate, are All Rituals – All Ordeals – All wORds & Signs.  Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken His Seat in The East, at The Equinox Of The Gods.  And, let Asar BE with Isa – who also are One.  But They are not of Me.  Let Asar BE The Adorant – Isa The Sufferer.  Hoor, in His Secret Name & Splendour, IS The Lord, Initiating.

I,50:  There IS a wORd to say about The Hierophantic task.  Behold!  There are Three Ordeals in One, and it may Be given in Three Ways.  “The Gross” must pass through “Fire”; let “The Fine” Be tried in “Intellect”, and “The Lofty Chosen Ones” in “The Highest”.  Thus, Ye have “Star & Star” – “System & System”…  Let-not One know-well The Other!

I,51:  There are Four Gates to One Palace.  The Floor of that Palace IS of Silver & Gold; Lapis Lazuli & Jasper are there.  And All rare scents:  Jasmine & Rose, and The Emblems of Death.  Let Him enter, in-turn or at-once, The Four Gates.  Let Him stand on The Floor of The Palace.  Will He not-sink?  Amn.  Ho!  Warrior, if Thy Servant sink?  But there are Means s & Means.  Be Goodly, therefore.  Dress Ye All in fine apparel – eat rich foods and drink sweet wines, and wines that foam!  Also, take Your WILL and Fill of Love…  As Ye WILL…  When, Where, and With-Whom Ye WILL!  But, always unto Me.

I,52:  If this BE not-aright;  if Ye con’found The Space-Marks – saying, “They Are One” – or saying, “They Are Many” – if The Ritual BE not-ever unto-Me…  Then expect The Direful Judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

I,53:  This, Shall regenerate The wORld.  The Little wORld, My Sister – My Heart & My Tongue – unto Whom I send this kiss.  Also, o’ Scribe & Prophet – though Thou BE of The Princes – It Shall not assuage Thee, nor absolve Thee.  But Ecstasy BE Thine, and Joy of Earth…  Ever To Me!  To Me!

I,54:  Change-not as much as the style of a letter…  For be’hold!  Thou, o’ Prophet, Shalt not-behold All these mysteries hidden there-in.

I,55:  The Child of Thy Bowels – He Shall be’hold Them.

I,56:  Expect Him, not, from The East – nor from The West.  For, from No Expected House, Cometh That Child.  Aum!  ALL wORds are Sacred, and ALL Prophets True…  Save only that They Comprehend & Know but a little.  Solve the first half of The
Equation – leave The Second un-attacked.  But, Thou Hast ALL – in The Clear Light…  And some – though not ALL – in The Dark.

I,57:  Invoke Me under My Stars!  Love IS The Law – Love Under WILL.  Nor, let The Fools mis’take Love.  For, there are “Love & Love”.  There IS The Dove, and there IS The Serpent.  Choose Ye Well!  He – My Prophet – Hath Chosen…  Knowing The Law Of The fORtress, and The Great Mystery of The House Of God.  ALL these old letters of My Book are aright – but…

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…IS not The Star.  This also IS Secret.  My Prophet Shall re’veal it to The Wise.

I,58:  I give un-imaginable Joys on Earth:  Certainty – not Faith – while in Life – upon Death / Peace un-utterable – Rest – Ecstasy / nor do I de’mand Aught in Sacrifice.

I,59:  My Incense IS of resinous woods & gums; and there IS no Blood there-in – Be’cause of My Hair, The Trees of Eternity.

I,60:  My number IS, “11”, as All their numbers who are of Us.  The Five-Pointed Star, with a Circle in The Middle, & The Circle IS Red.  My colour IS Black, to The Blind.  But The Blue & Gold are seen of The Seeing.  Also, I have a Secret Glory for Them That Love Me.

I,61:  But, to Love Me IS better than ALL Things.  If, under The Night-Stars in The Desert, Thou presently burnest Mine Incense before Me – invoking Me with a Pure Heart, and The Serpent Flame there-in…  Thou Shalt Come, a little, to lie in My Bosom.  For One Kiss Wilt Thou then Be WILL’ing to give ALL.  But, who-so gives One Particle of dust Shall lose ALL in that hour.  Ye Shall gather goods and store of wo’Men and Spices – Ye Shall wear rich jewels – Ye Shall exceed The Nations of The Earth, in Splendour & Pride…  But, always in The Love of Me…  And, So Shall Ye Come To My Joy.  I charge You, earnestly, to come before Me in a single robe, and covered with a rich headdress.  I Love You!  I Yearn to You!  Pale OR Purple – Veiled OR Voluptuous…  I, Who AM ALL Pleasure & Purple, and drunkenness of the inner-most Sense, Desire You.  Put on The Wings, and arouse The Coiled Splendour With-in You…  Come Unto Me!

I,62:  At ALL My Meetings with You, Shall The Priestess Say – and Her Eyes Shall burn with desire as She stands bare and re’joicing in My Secret Temple…  To Me!  To Me!  Calling-forth The Flame of The Hearts of ALL, in Her Love-Chant.

I,63:  Sing The Rapturous Love-Song Unto Me!  Burn, To Me, Perfumes!  Wear, To Me, Jewels!  Drink To Me, For I Love You!  I Love You!

I,64:  I AM The Blue-Lidded Daughter Of Sunset – I AM The Naked Brilliance Of The Voluptuous Night-Sky.

I,65:  To me!  To me!

I,66:  The Manifestation Of Nuit IS At An End.