On The Further Advancement Of The Art

……….I AM, con’tinually & con’tinuously a’stounded & a’mazed – in the course of my on-going studies of the so-called, “Occult Sciences” – that (as it seems) there IS a complete acceptance of the idea that the so-called “magicians” and “masters” of “the past” have al’ready reached the pinnacle of de’velop-ment – and have plumed every fathomable depth of that which IS con’sidered to-Be “Occult” & “Arcane”…  The sub’jects of “Wisdom”, “En’lighten-ment”, and “Achieve-ment” of a “Higher-Order”.  And, that (as it seems) it IS not-possible for any One of to’day to reach such “Heights” – and CERTAINLY-not to ever reach “Higher”.  In-fact, to even suggest the idea would be almost blasphemous.

……….This IS made evident in the many “works” that are now re-gurgitated over-and-over by “new”, so-called, “authors”, as “ORiginal” material… (most done-so prior to that great invention, “The Internet” – which has – for Those Diligent Ones – ex’posed the frauds for what and who they truly are)…  But who all seem to merely copy the same three (or four) people (the fourth being not of the same con’stitution as the rest):  Namely, “S.L. MacGregor Mathers”, “Edward Aleister Crowley”, and “Eliphas Levi” – or that particular thing referred to as “Israel Regardie”…  The first and last being in’cessant copiers them-selves, with – quite-possibly – no personal additions on any subject, other than the act of compiling (and even-then taking credit for far more) – and the second mentioned above, given far-more credit than He is due…  Even though it can-not Be denied that He IS due quite a lot…  Though given substantially more…  (And it IS because of this that I believe that all of which [and much much more] has been fully paid…  and now we are due a re-fund.)

……….And-so, I ask…  How IS it, that nearly ALL Who are in-search-of “The Truth” of these “Mysteries”, can re’sign Their Selfs to thinking that these three (and that extra filth) – and the thousands of copy-cats which they have spawned – have some-how “found it ALL” – that The Systems of-which They speak (with murky and in’complete de’scriptions) can not-Be im’proved, or even dis’carded completely?!  And not-al’ways Be’cause They are “wrong” or in’complete – but that – as We “Move Through The Planes”, and as The Planets and Stars move through The Heavens (supposedly)…  that per’haps “The Instruments” with-which We have measured Them by are no-longer effective…  And in-some-cases – due to either physical OR ethereal influences – “…The Map no-longer effectively de’scribes The Terrain…”

……….I think that it, also, can-not be de’nied, that We have seen an immense amount of change in “The Terrain” since the so-called, “Master Therion” (as he so named him’self) made his last addition to “The Matter”…  Has there been no Other?  Have You All given-up and given-in to the false ideology that only “Others” can be an “authORity”?…  That some One else has to GIVE You the authORity…  and All of Them are dead?!

What is the root-wORd of “AuthORity”?

It is:  “AuthOR”

Are You the “AuthOR” of Your Life?

……….And that, so-thoroughly, that Your wORds – by WILL – compel Others to claim that YOU are an “AuthOR-ity”?  It could BE that You and I have some ex’perience, some in-sight…  Some e-LU-cidation…  Some en-Lighten-ment…  That even the arrogance of that master plagiarist, “I—– R——-”, (if he were still alive) could not hold-up-to.  And then He (would that he were still alive) would be plagiarizing YOU!

Is that idea so im’possible?

……….And that question posed to My Self, I prefer to answer by simply adding “a space” and “an apostrophe” to the already-limiting wORd (as per’ceived by the un-en’Lightened.)  And this, like a lightening-bolt through “Space” shattering ALL per’ceived limitations…  Like A Bird Who shatters The Glass which, once, would-have broken It’s neck, had It tried to fly through – whether Knowingly or not…

You say…


I say…

“I’m Possible”