If you don’t know what the hell cookies are…  well, then…



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Basically the word “Cookies” describes little bits of information that is taken by your computer from everywhere you go on the Internet and used so that if you should happen to go back to that site again, then it will load much faster.

They are not malicious things that are “Put” on your computer…  they are things that your computer “Takes” from EVERYWHERE you go…

So the fact that we are forced by the EU to have these stupid warnings on our websites is fuckin’ bullshit, and it is just another stupid regulation in a long line of bureaucratic non-sense, which is designed to cause fear and dis-trust at every turn…

This is nothing new

It has always been this way

This the normal way of operation

(both the computer using cookies – and organizations trying to cause fear and dis-trust)

The reason they are names cookies is because they are a good thing

Cookies - GiveMeSomeFuckin'Cookies!!!

You Like cookies don’t you?


Then don’t fuckin’ worry about these stupid warnings that we are forced to scare you with…

Just make sure to clean your system so that your computer works faster…

(Just like eating too many real cookies can also make you fat, having too many cookies on your computer can make it run like it’s a fat disgusting pig too)

Really Fat Guy On Computer

Have An Excellent Day!

(Now Take Me Back To The Awesomeness!!!)