“Hiram Gordon Wells”

[plain] By re-posting this edition of the OR.I.Gin.AL ART.I.CaLL — I AM — In-No-Way — implying that I agree-with, or subscribe-to the ideas presented in this wORk.  Frankly, I think that it is a terrible piece of writing, as the “author” makes numerous statements of “fact”, sans any proof or even an attempt to state that the ideas are no more than His own.

Additionally — as is the case with many “Chaos” & “Black Magick” types — the “author” introduces a large amount of (probably) his own vocabulary, sans any explanation; and uses far too many “big wORds” of-which He probably does not actually know the meaning.

So — although I think this is a shit piece of writing, I do think that it is still worth saving.  Perhaps I shall, someday, find out that I was wrong and the “author” was correct…  (I doubt it)  But more importantly, I re-post this “article” because there is a chance that I or any Other may improve on it, and turn this hunk of shit into a piece of Gold (or at-least not a hunk of shit).

(Corrections have been made in:  Punctuation, Sentence Structure, and the occasional addition or alteration of wORds in-order-to make this piece more comprehensible.  If you want to read the “original”, you can do-so here [at least for as long as that site still exists].)  ~Az [/plain]

………….“Chaos” is the “Field” that under-lies all things which exist.  In “The Beginning” — there was “Chaos”.  Before “The Big Bang” — all ORder was bound into “The Monoblock” [The what now?…  ~Az] — a point smaller than an electron [Okay then…  ~Az].

………….All else was “Chaos” [Whatever you say…  ~Az].  After “The Big Bang” — the various “Dimensions” of ORder [Remember that statement, Readers… ~Az] were spontaneously created by the inherent symmetry of “The ORiginal Matrix” [Which was what?  ~Az].

………….These dimensions continue to expand through “The Continuum” [Which is what?  ~Az].  But still — the underlying Chaos remains active & potent.

………….The nature of “The Chaos Field” [Which is what?  ~Az] is dimly understood [By you, or just your readers?  ~Az].  Is it the complete absence of ORder, or does it correspond to an ORder not comprehended by Man?  [Profound!  ~Az]

………….Fundamentally — it is the un-coORdinated source of creation  [Brilliant!  ~Az].  From “Chaos” does creation rise, to be formed by other forces [Please stop trying to sound intelligent and profound by changing the sentence structure into question form when actually writing a statement.  It is, “…From “Chaos”, Creation rises…”.  You’re welcome  ~Az].

………….The Greeks called this “The Cornucopia” [No they didn’t.  That is a Latin word…  get your myths straight  ~Az]; a twisted tube [Oh really?!  ~Az], with-in which is “nothingness” — but from the mouth of which, spews all manner of things [I think that you have no idea what a cornucopia actually is or represents.  Especially in-reference to the last paragraph… ~Az].

………….This is interestingly similar to modern theories concerning black holes [No it isn’t…  ~Az].  Physicists, such as Stephen Hawking, postulate that the structure of black holes may be that of a twisted tube, (called a “wormhole”) [no it isn’t…  ~Az], with-in which is a chaos without any predictable physical laws, (called a “singularity”) [You’re completely wrong…  ~Az].  Further, it is stated that [No it is not…  ~Az] these wormholes may have a terminus in another Spatial/Temporal/Dimensional location, (called a “white hole”) [Wrong again!…  ~Az].

………….It is a matter of form passing through chaos becoming form again in another aspect [Nope…  ~Az].  Here is a quality of the Chao s field, that it serves to reprocess Matter/Energy — breaking them down into components so that it may be re-used in the various “Dimensional Matrixes” [And those are?…  ~Az].

………….In these matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az] (Our Universe for instance) — the Energy Matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az] that form:  Planets, Stars, Bodies, Minds, etc. — can not be entirely broken apart [Proof?  ~Az].  They retain some similarity [Oh really?  ~Az].  For example — the Energy Matrix of a body — upon de-activation of the governing principle [Do you mean “Death”?  ~Az], goes on to combine with similar matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az].  The corpse feeds the tree and the worm [Profound…  ~Az].  It [What is “It” referring to?  ~Az] re-shapes the consumed Matrix into similar organic constructions.  If this combining is delayed — say, by isolation within volcanic rock — than [“then”  ~Az]  The Matrix will combine with the less energetic rock; the process of fossilization.

………….With Sentient Creatures — there are actually two matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az] working in combination, “The Physical Matrix” and “The Mental Matrix” [Are you sure that’s all?  ~Az].  What has been said about physical matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az], generally applies to The Mental — with this difference:  That, where The Physical is usually re-combined (except when The Matrix is very weak, or more energy is required to maintain equilibrium in The Chaos field), The Mental rarely re-combines.  (This is termed “Possession” when it combines with an already functioning Matrix, and called “Reincarnation” when it uses a latent Matrix [Called by Whom?  ~Az].)  Instead, it usually enters The Chaos Field — where-in various things may occur [Which are?  ~Az].  A special set of circumstances applies to Mental Matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az] in Chaos. These may be generalized in three ways:

  1.  It may be “re-processed”.  When this occurs The Individual Matrix is broken-down completely.  This is [called] “Dissolution” [Called by Whom?  ~Az].
  2. It may be partially “re-processed”.  It sometimes happens that Mental Matrixes [“Matrices”  ~Az] enter Chaos — but The Primal Will to Exist is strong-enough to prevent it from being completely “re-processed”.  in these cases, the Intellectual qualities do not survive, but the remainder [Remainder of what?  ~Az] retain[s] some integrity.  These are just “machines” of a sort; what Qaballists refer to as “Qliphoths”, (shells) [Are you sure about that?  ~Az].
  3. It may preserve it’s integrity.  It may be that the Individual’s Mental Matrix is possessed of not only a strong Will to Exist — but also of a powerfully focused intellectual fixation.  The individual Matrix can preserve it’s discreetness [?…  Are you sure that is the wORd you wanted to use?  ~Az] if it can maintain clarity [Of what?  ~Az] — a very difficult thing to do during conditions of “Dis-Corporation”.  Managing this feat will raise another question, “what now?” [You think so?  ~Az] .

………….The Individual can not retain it’s Self in The Chaos Field indefinitely.  It would inevitably break-apart [Unless it does what you mentioned in point 3., above…  ~Az].  There-fore, The Mind must travel [Where, Why, and How-so?  ~Az].  This raises another quality of Chaos [You think so?  Perhaps you should examine your sentence structure and formulation of ideas.  Furthermore — how is a “Quality”… “Raised”?…  ~Az].

………….The Chaos Field has no Dimensions [Despite the ones mentioned earlier.  Perhaps you mean, “…Spacial Dimensions of It’s Own…”..  ~Az] — no Time, no Distance — at least in our mode of thinking [Un-finished sentence  ~Az].  Basic “Laws” that apply in The Dimensional matrixes” [“Matrices”  ~Az] do not apply in “Chaos” [And these “Laws are?  ~Az].

………….Different objects can occupy the same space at the same time;  Effect can proceed [“precede”  ~Az] Cause;  and every point, in every location is congruent [Are you sure that is the wORd you want to use?  ~Az].  Everything is Everywhere — Always [Amazing!  ~Az].

………….One can enter “Chaos” from any particular Location, and exit It at any other particular Dimensional Location [Remember this statement, readers…  ~Az] — assuming integrity is preserved [Integrity of what?  ~Az].

………….The major difficulty in this mode of travel [Oh.  I didn’t know we were talking about “travel”.  Are you referring to the “Mind Travelling” stated previously?  ~Az] is navigation.  A very nearly infinite [Do you mean simply “infinite”?  ~Az] number of choices is [“are”  ~Az] presented.  [It is] no easy task sorting this out.  And once One makes His [Sexist!  {just kidding :D} ~Az] exit — His Individual Matrix will adapt It’s Self to “local” conditions; perhaps forgetting “Himself” entirely.

………….Most people have no idea “where” it is [that] They want to be.  In fact — many do not even know “where” they are [now].  They would become lost.

………….There is a method for successful navigation [Oh good!  Tell us what it is!!!  ~Az].  This method is possible because it is not required to die in order to enter The Chaos Field [Sweet!  Tell us the method!!!   But wait…  Once again your sentence structure is fucked.  This method is not “…possible BECAUSE it is not required to die…” — It is that, “…because it is not required to die…  this method is possible…” — but maybe we are already in “Chaos” where “affect precedes cause”…  ~Az].

………….Travelling The Chaos is referred-to by “The Vulgar” [You mean, Those Who are not You?  Hmmm?  ~Az] as, “Astral Travel”.  Few understand the nature of this [But I bet You think that You do, huh?  ~Az].  They use it as a sort of “Mental Vacationing” — talking to cretinous [Are you sure that is the wORd you wanted to use?  ~Az] shells [Who the fuck wants to talk to an un-intelligent shell?!?!?!  ~Az] and gawking at Illusions.

………….The inhabitants of Chaos are generally use-less to The Individual.  Exceptions, perhaps, being other — more experienced — Travellers (not always Human) [Oooo!!!  ~Az], who might provide some in-sight [Into what?  ~Az].

………….There (as here), You must always be on the look-out for Charlatans [Why?  Are you going to tell us?…  Probably not…  ~Az].  The use of travelling Chaos before Death is that:  it is much easier to keep Individual Integrity [Integrity of what?  Defined as what?  ~Az] while possessing a body.

………….The Individual’s Body acts as a beacon to draw-back The Wandering Mind [Um…  I think that you mean, “…An Anchor, with-which The Mind can use to draw It’s Self back to The Body…”…  Or not…  ~Az].

………….If the individual wants to use The Chaos field to plot his after life travel plans — it is required that The Person know His True Will [Which is defined as what?  ~Az], for this will tell Him where it would be “best” for him to manifest [Oh really?  Is this all about “where to manifest”?  ~Az].  Without this, the individual can not go to where He should be, for he would not know what, or where, this Is [Amazingly profound.  But I thought One could Enter and Exit The Chaos anywhere..  ~Az].

………….But knowing One’s True Will, in this area [What “area” is this?  ~Az], will raise sympathies [Say what?  ~Az] which will lead One to His particular “Portal Of Becoming” [Which is…?  ~Az].

………….It is important to avoid fascination [Why?  And what do You mean by “Fascination”  ~Az], or [because] the individual may find His Self getting exactly what He thinks He wants — which may be hideously inappropriate [Okay…  So how do we do that?…  Nothing?!?!  Well, I’m not surprised  ~Az].

………….The Chaos Field is not, in It’s Self, horrible [I didn’t think it was…  Your writing may be horrible — but even judging “The Field” by THAT — it didn’t sound bad at all…  It just didn’t really sound like ANYthing at all…  Good WORk!  ~Az] — although It contains some Horrors [Which are?  Perhaps some of those things you became “fascinated” by?  ~Az].  Chaos is not “Hell” [I didn’t think it was…  ~Az] — although it is inhabited by some types of Demons [I thought it could be/is inhabited by EVERY thing…  ~Az].

………….It is “Potential”.  The Realm where “possibility” is born [Oooo  Intriguing!  ~Az].  It is the “Apsu” [Which is what?  ~Az];  The Abyss of The Babylonians [As opposed to other “Abysses”?  ~Az].  [It is ] the place of:  Naked, Form-less Creation [That makes no sense at all…  ~Az].  It becomes Existent when given fORm by Enki [Oh yay!  A new subject to not ever explain any further!!!  But if I can create “horrors” by being “fascinated”, then…  Am I Enki?!?!?!  ~Az], which [You mean, “Who”  ~Az] is Wisdom & Intellect [Uhhhh  No…  You are wrong…  Again  ~Az].

[So (not surprisingly) I guess that you are not going to tell us the actual “Method” mentioned before?  Just that it is what Other’s (Whom You find to be Vulgar) call “Astral Travel”? (which is a technique — not a “method”)  But no mention of the actual “Method” of that “Technique?  That’s fuckin’ weak. 

And really…  what was the main point of that “article”.  To talk about The Matrix?… The Chaos Field?…  Wormholes & Other types of holes?…  Astral Travel?…  Enki?…  Or was it all just verbal Masturbation. You fucking suck at writing.

Go back to Chaos you fuckin’ Loser!  ~Az]

Feb. 1989 “Hiram Gordon Wells”
[Wednesday, September 19th, 2018  “~Az”]


[At this point, (probably) No-One fucking cares…  but go ahead…  ~Az]

………….Upon reading this essay [again] it occurred to me [“Me” referring to Good Ole’ Hiram…  Not ~Az] that some readers might take it [You mean the many un-finished “points” of the “article”?  ~Az] as a justification for in-activity on this particular level [First of all, No.  But then, what “level” are you talking about?  ~Az].  The old, “never mind what’s happening now, things will be great in the afterlife, in heaven, on another planet, etc.. [type of thing]”…  [Nope.  None of us were thinking that at all…  ~Az]  This may be fine for “The Christian Slave” [The What!?!?!?!  ~Az] or what-not — but it is hardly sufficient for Those Who are driven by that strange need to Create; to Attain.  Only through Progression through The Multitude of Evolutionary Levels [of-which you make no mention in the “article” above…  ~Az] can One go beyond [“beyond” what?  ~Az], and it is by One’s actions Here [Where?  ~Az] and now [As opposed to when?  ~Az] that this Progression [What “progression”?  ~Az] is made.

H.G.W Copyright 1989 World Report Information Services

[plain] Through searching for the “author” as an actual person — nothing was found.  Through searching for the assumed “company” above (“World Report Information Services”), no such thing was found…  There-fore there is no “copyright”.  Fuck their so-called “Copyright”. [/plain]