1.  Be as a Were-Wolf – a Blood-Thirsty Wolf, dis’guised as a Hu’Man Sheep…  For You Will only Be-able-to hunt, Freely, among Your Enemies when You succeed to con’ceal Your True Self.

2.  One Strong Action IS worth more than A Thousand Empty wORds.

3.  Lucifer IS Our Ideal…  There-fore, We Must also BE,  “The Bringers Of Re’volution, Wis’dom, and Liber-ation”.

4.  In The WORld of The Dreamers, The a’Wakened Ones Are GODs.

5.  A So’ciety IS fORmed when enough weak Hu’Mans, who have un’ited, create Laws and Rules to pro’tect Them’Selves against The Wrath Of The Strong.  Thus – make It Your Go’AL – to al’ways Be Society’s “Enemy Number One”.

6.  The Brilliant Light Of Lucifer Will ALL-Ways re’main as Dark-ness in The Eyes of The Blind.

7.  Lies offer com’fort to The Weak – while The Grim Truth sets-Free, and makes-Divine The Strong.

8.  Lie to Others if You Must – but It IS better to take Your Own Life than to lie to Your Self.

9.  Let Your WILL Be The Only Law – and Mercy-less-ly Punish Every Trans’gression against This Law…  Even if It IS by Your Own Hand.

10.  The EL’ite can never de-grade Their Selfs and sink to the level of The un-wORthy Scum – de’mocracy must, there-fore al’ways Be fought by any and ALL means necessary.

11.  Only through TerrOR Will The EL’ite minORity make It’s Self Be heard through The Wailing of The sub-Hu’Man majORity.

12.  He Who IS The-Most-en’Lightened casts The Darkest Shadow – and IS, thus, con’sidered by The un-en’Lightened as “The Bringer Of Dark-ness”.

13.  Only sub-Hu’Mans are limited by The Il’lusory mORality and The Laws of The “Status Quo”.  The Satanist, Who has trans’cended these Il’lusions, is Free and Be’yond “Good” and “Evil”.

14.  Make War against Peace, and Fight for The Sake of War it’self.  For only in The Heat of Battle Will The Wolves Be separated from The Sheep.

15.  Learn To Know Your Self – for only through The Identification of Your Own Limit’ations Will You learn to trans’cend ALL of Your im’Per’fections.  Self-Know-ledge IS, there-fore, The Only Key To Per’fection.

16.  “The Seed Of Know-ledge” can only grow in “Fertile Soil”, and must Be “Watered” with “The Water Of Azoth”.  Only then, can Dark Wisdom break-up The Stagnating fORms and structures, making Chaos flourish.

17.  It IS through re’pre’senting, and acting as, Our Dark Gods, that We Will ad’vance and ELevate Our Selfs to Their Thrones and Be’come-One-with Their Essence.

18.  By Fear-less-ly entering The Dark-ness of The Un-Known, We Will find Our Own inner Luciferian Light.

19.  Those difficulties and ob’stacles that do-not Kill US, Will only harden US – and The Most-Hardened among US IS The One Who Stands Closest To Satan.

20.  No Thing Purifies The Strong as-well-as The Spilt Blood of His Enemies.

21.  In Times Of Peace, only Para’sites flourish.

22.  Be Ruth-less and have no Mercy – De’stroy every Thing and every One Who stands in Your Way – for Mercy and Pity Are The Stigmata of The Weakest.

23.  The Full-fill-ment of A Satanic Life IS The Way that A Satanist Dies.  For The Last Victory Of The Strong IS…  To Die In Battle.

24.  Our WILL IS The Law, And Our Law IS Chaos.