LIBER III“Liber Jugorum” – An in’struction for The Con’trol Of Speech, Act’ion and Thought.


LIBER XI“Liber N V” – An in’struction for attaining Nuit.

LIBER XIII“Graduum Montis Abiegni” – An account of The Task of The A’spirant – from Probationer to Adept.

LIBER XVI“Liber Turris Vel Domus Dei” – An in’struction for Attain-ment by the direct De’struction of Thoughts as They a’rise in The MIND.

LIBER XVII“Liber I A O” – Gives three methods of attain-ment through a WILLed series of Thoughts.

……….This book has not been published (obviously not true anymore and even upon the writing of those wORds ~Ed).  It IS the active form of Liber H H H.  The article “Energized Enthusiasm” IS an adumbration of this book.

LIBER XXV – This IS the chapter called the “Star Rubby” in the “Book Of Lies”.  It IS an im’proved fORm of “The Lesser Ritual Of The Pentagram”.

LIBER XXVIII“Liber Septem Regum Sanctorum” – Has not been published (mm hmm ~Ed).  It IS a ritual of Initiation Be’stowed-on certain selected Probationers.

LIBER XXXVI“The Star Sapphire” – This IS Chapter XXXVI of the “Book Of Lies” – giving an im’proved Ritual Of The Hexagram.

LIBER XLIV“The Mass Of The Phoenix” – This IS Chapter XLIV of the “Book Of Lies” – An in’struction in a simple and ex’oteric form of Eucharist.

LIBER C“Liber Koph-Pehfinal” – Has not been, and at present will not be, published (Okay then ~Ed).

LIBER CXX“Liber Cadaveris” – The Ritual of Initiation of a Zelator.

LIBER CLXXV“Astarte Vel Liber Berylli” – An in’struction in attain-ment by The Method Of De’votion.

LIBER CLXXXV“Liber Collegii Sancti” – Be’ing The Tasks of The Grades and Their Oaths, proper to Liber XIII.  This IS the official Paper of the various grades.  It in’cludes The Task and Oath of a Probationer.

LIBER CC“Resh Vel Helios” – An in’struction for a’dorations of The Sun, four times daily, with the ob’ject of com’posing The MIND to Meditation and of regularizing The Practices.

LIBER CCVI“Liber R V Vel Spiritus” – Full in’struction in Pranayama.

LIBER CCCLXI“Liber H H H” – Gives three methods of attain-ment through a WILLed series of Thoughts.

LIBER CCCCXII“A Vel Armorum” – An in’struction for The Pre’paration Of The Elemental Instruments.

LIBER CDLI“Liber Siloam” – Not yet published (whatever ~Ed).  A direct method of inducing trance.

LIBER DLV“Liber H A D” – An in’struction for attaining Hadit.

LIBER DCLXXI“Liber Pyramidos” – The Ritual of The Initiation of a Neophyte.  It in’cludes sub-rituals numbered from 672 to 676.

LIBER DCCCXXXI“Liber I O D” fORmerly called “VESTA” – An in’struction giving three methods of re’ducing The Manifold Con’sciousness to The Unity.

LIBER“Liber Collegii Interni” – Not yet published.  (yup ~Ed)