LIBER XXXIII – An account of A.’. A.’., first written in the language of His period by the Councillor Von Eckartshausen, and now re’vised and re-written in The Universal Cipher.

……….An elementary suggestive account of The WORk of The Order, in It’s re’lation to The Average Man.  The pre’liminary paper of M.’. M.’. M.’. may be classed with this.

LIBER XLI“Thien TAO” (in Konx Om Pax) – An ad’vanced study of Attainment by the method of equilibrium on The Ethical Plane.

LIBER LV“The Chymical Jousting Of Brother Perardua” – An account of the Magical and Mystic Path in the language of Alchemy.

LIBER LIX“Across The Gulf” – A fantastic account of a previous in’carnation.  It’s principal inter’est IS that It’s story, of the over-throwing of Isis by Osiris, may help The Reader to com’prehend the meaning of the over-throwing of Osiris by Horus in “The Present AEon”.

LIBER LXVII“The Sword Of Song” – A critical study of various philosophies.  An account of Buddhism.

LIBER XCV“The Wake World” (in Konx Om Pax) – A poetical allegory of the re’lations of The Soul and The Holy Guardian Angel.

LIBER CXLVIII“The Soldier And The Hunchback” – An essay on The Method of Equilibrium on The Intellectual Plane.

LIBER CXCVII“The High History Of Good Sir Palamedes The Saracen Knight And Of His Following Of The Questing Beast” – A poetic account of The Great WORk, and e’numeration of many ob’stacles.

LIBER CCXLII“AHA!” – An ex’position in poetic language of several of The Ways Of Attainment and the re’sults ob’tained.

LIBER CCCXXXIII“The Book Of Lies” (falsely so-called) – This book deals with many matters on All Planes of The Very Highest Im’pORtance.  It IS an official publication for Babes Of The Abyss, but IS re’commended even to Beginners as highly suggestive.  It’s Chapters XXV, XXXVI and XLIV are in Class D.

LIBER CCCXXXV“Adonis” – This gives an account, in poetic language, of the struggle of The Hu-Man and Divine Elements, in The Con’sciousness of Man; giving Their Harmony following-upon The Victory of The Latter.

LIBER CDLXXIV“Liber Os Abysmi Vel DAATH” – An in’struction in a purely Intellectual Method of entering The Abyss.

LIBER DCCCLX“John St. John” – A model of what a Magical Re’cord should Be, as-far-as accurate analysis and full-ness of de’scription Are con’cerned.

LIBER MMCMXI“A Note On Genesis” – A model of Qabalistic Ratiocination.