The publications of the A.’. A.’. divide Them-selves into four classes:

Class “A” – Con’sists-of books of-which may Be changed, not-so-much-as, the style of a letter:  that IS – they re-present the utterance of an Adept, en’tirely Be’yond the criticism of even The Visible Head of the ORganization.  –  (The editor of these works [Seshat Editions] HAS changed the style of many Let-ers as has also been directed by those same un-seen fORces which are claimed as the awe-ThOR of these wORks ~Ed)

Class “B” – Con’sists-of books or essays which are the result of ORdinary scholarship, en-Lightened and earnest.

Class “C” – Con’sists-of matter which IS to-Be re’garded rather-as suggestive [other] than any-thing else.

Class “D” – Con’sists-of the Official Rituals and In’structions.  Some publications are com’posite, and per’tain to more than one class.